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I am, as it happens, obsessive by nature.  My addictions come and go and range from the unhealthy – champagne, red wine, caramel filling, chocolate, to the healthier – watching episode upon episode of my latest favourite TV show, or reading book after book.

There are some things of which I cannot get enough.  For a while (on the healthy side of the scale) I read incessantly.  I inhaled novel after novel.  Some good, some not-so-good and some pretty crappy.  (I do however have SOME standards, so there were a few returned to the library unread!)

The Twilight series I found bizarrely addictive; the simplistic style of writing inviting me in so I needed to know more.  Needed to know what happened next.  I also have a habit of reading and re-reading my ‘comfort’ novels and I use them in the same way I use ‘comfort’ movies or TV shows, or ‘comfort’ food.

So, for I while I was reading between 7 and 10 novels a week.  And working fulltime.  I ignored favourite TV shows, scorned movies and DVDs or outings in general.  It was all about reading.

But more recently it has been TV that has taken my fancy.  Or more specifically, TV on DVD.  That way I don’t have to worry about pesky advertisements AND like all good addicts, instant gratification is mine as I don’t have to wait a week for the next installment.

I have been working through TV series on DVD for some time.  Some out of boredom while others have become an addiction and I cannot get enough of them.

I have recently discovered Dexter; Mad Men; True Blood, Firefly; Dead Like Me; and  Pushing Daisies this way.

Even more fulfilling to someone like me is when I discover something years after it actually commenced, which was the case when I stumbled across Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 2000.  Five seasons into its filming.  With (mostly) 22 episodes each season, I had hours of ready-made viewing at my beck and call and had to work out in advance how many hours I could possibly watch in a night; or over a weekend.

Of course this addiction – like so many others – does carry some risks.  Too many episodes without a break and you find yourself in West Wing dreams.  Or when you find yourself conversing in Buffy-speak (and people don’t know what you mean when you say you déjà-ed that vu!) you know that you have been ridiculously entrenched in the celluloid world of your own choosing.

My latest discovery is Entourage.  Though I had heard of it and its success, I hadn’t been tempted until I stumbled across the pilot episode on SBS (TV in Australia) recently.

Though I actively pursued Dexter Season 3 and will watch Mad Men Season 2 when it returns to my video store, I cannot get enough of Entourage.  Like Buffy or West Wing, I cannot wait for my next hit.  I have watched three seasons of the show in one week.  I would have watched more but some pesky customer has borrowed Season 4 and I am waitlisted.

I already know I have to buy it.  And I am – despite all accounts – fussy about the TV series in which I invest, having only procured Buffy; Sex and the City; West Wing; and Firefly to date.

Some shows I love – Dexter and Mad Men – but I know I won’t watch them again.  And again.  Entourage I will.  I already know this.  Though the storyline interests me, knowing what is coming won’t prevent me from re-watching.  Like Buffy and West Wing, it is the characters and the dialogue which draw me in and spit me back out.  Sated but ready and willing to take more.

Meanwhile, as I wait for Season 4 of Entourage to find its way back to the video store, I realise I need to start pacing myself.  Season 5 has only just been released and Season 6 is currently screening in the USA.  Soon I am going to have to wait.  Delay gratification.  Or just find my next drug of choice…..


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