Book review: Together by Julie Cohen

Saturday, July 22, 2017 Permalink

In 2003, just over two years after his heart transplant my father caught a bus from his regional hometown to Brisbane for some tests with a neurologist. I picked him up and took him to the hospital, waited while he was in with the specialist and then took him back to the bus.

I’m not sure what happened while he was in being ‘tested’ but he came out devastated. Deflated. He talked about some of the memory tests he’d been given and couldn’t believe he’d struggled with them. Interestingly it was years before his official diagnosis of vascular dementia but perhaps we were fortunate it took a while to invade his mind and his memories.

Eighty-year old Robbie Brandon, the lead character of Julie Cohen’s Together, seems to have suffered a far quicker decline. But it takes us the whole book to understand why its full impact would be even more devastating for him, his beloved Emily and their family.

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Vulnerability and intimacy

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I woke one morning this week reflecting on a recent conversation with my friend Kanga Rue. It was actually a very personal conversation – for me, not her… cos it was about me (and isn’t it always about #mememeee?!). Anyhoo, I pondered and pondered some more before deciding it was something I’d like to write about… which of course allowed me to ponder just a little bit more.

We were talking about relationships and intimacy. And whether I would / could potentially have one at some point. I suspected I’ve been alone too long or am too far gone to allow a man into my life. My friend however, thought it was possible but suggested (nicely) that I’d have to let myself be vulnerable.

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Book review: The Late Show by Michael Connelly

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I was a bit of a latecomer to Michael Connelly and his long-running Harry Bosch series (but have been watching the TV show for good measure), so it was great to see that he’s got a new protagonist in LAPD Detective Renee Ballard, who – despite 14yrs on the job – has been shunted to the midnight shift (The Late Show) because she dared accuse a senior officer of harassment.

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Past lives, unrequited potential and mediocrity

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I couldn’t decide what to write about today. A few ideas popped into my head, but none seemed fully formed. Until I realised there was a common thread running through all of them. One of unrequited potential and mediocrity. Well, kinda…

It all started yesterday morning as I woke up from a dream… *insert wavy vision and dream sequence as seen on 1980s TV here*

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Book review: Two Nights by Kathy Reichs

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 Permalink

I used to be a huge fan of Kathy Reichs and her Temperance Brennan novels. I must confess my interest waned a little in the last outing or two however (number 16, according to Goodreads, so I skipped 17 & 18), so was stoked to see a new novel featuring a brand new character – a former military investigator named Sunday Night. Yes, really!

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Book review: The Secrets She Keeps by Michael Robotham

Monday, July 10, 2017 Permalink

I’m a huge fan of Michael Robotham, the Sydney-based Aussie author, and was surprised it’s actually been two years since his last book was released here in Australia. Close Your Eyes was the eighth in the popular Joe O’Loughlin series and the year before that Robotham won a fistful of crime fiction awards for his standalone book, Life Or Death (which I adored!).

As it happens, I’m going to hear him speak at the Maleny Book Festival (Celebration of Books) next Sunday and think the trip there (which is over twice as long as his session) will be well worth it.

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Book review: Final Girls by Riley Sager

Sunday, July 9, 2017 Permalink

I’d had this book on my iPad for review months before its publication date and so had almost become accustomed to seeing it sitting there – awaiting my attention – when its turn finally came around and I opened it. (Well, downloaded it in reality, but still…)

As usual I went onto the Goodreads app to add the book to my ‘currently reading’ list. And though I try to avoid seeing any other reviews before I post my own (lest I be swayed by others) I did note some rather positive comments about this book. Which I discovered – when I read it in an intense sitting – were most certainly warranted.

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Book review: Persons Unknown by Susie Steiner

Saturday, July 8, 2017 Permalink

I read Missing, Presumed by Susie Steiner, the first in this series featuring (then DS, now DI) Manon Bradshaw last year – although I didn’t know (more in the series would follow) at that time. Looking back on my review I certainly took to Manon, who I described as a ‘no nonsense’ sort of person. Which remains the case in her second outing.

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