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Favourite novels of 2018

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And here it is… the moment you’ve all been waiting for – and yes, I’ve been sensing the collective bated breath around the globe – my favourite novels of 2018. *insert drumroll*

You may recall I shared a list of those books I’d loved most for the first half of 2018. The OCDer inside of me feels as if I should have something similar for the second half of the year before selecting the finalists. Like a semi-final. Or preliminary final. Or whatevs.

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Book review: The Winter Sister by Megan Collins

Monday, December 3, 2018 Permalink

I read an early copy of this debut novel by Megan Collins and there’s a letter from her publisher at Simon & Schuster saying how blown away they were, commenting that they finished reading the novel in record time and couldn’t wait to put it into the hands of their colleagues.

I probably wasn’t quite as enamoured but certainly enjoyed the this book which offers some great character development and a few twists you may not see coming. 

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Books for Christmas

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I don’t tend to give books as gifts but that’s only because I worry the recipient will think it’s one I got for free! However… they’re ideal presents and this time of year non-fiction books (including memoirs, cookbooks, self-help books) are out in force because they are – indeed – excellent gift ideas!

I’m not hugely into non-fiction. My eyes glaze over at the idea of someone’s memoir – no matter how interesting their life might be, or how inspiring they are. But two hardcover books have arrived (at casa Debbish) recently that I think would make excellent gifts.

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Book review: Man at the Window by Robert Jeffreys

Friday, November 30, 2018 Permalink

It’s always good to come across a series at the beginning. Coming in mid-way through a series can be fraught, and I’ve talked about the pros… well the cons really, before.

Happily Robert Jeffrey’s debut novel is also the first in a new series set in 1960s Perth. And interestingly, it’s one I could see being adapted into a TV series or mini-series, thanks to some great character development.

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Giving up: Know when to fold ’em

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I had nothing prepared for today’s ‘lovin life link-up’. It’s ridiculous that I only HAVE to do one non-bookish post a week and I struggle to find something to write about.

Well, in reality I find it hard to think of something WORTH writing about, cos it’s not like there’s nothing on my mind! I’m reminded of a quote from a book I should be reviewing (more on that to come), and the lead character (when still a boy) is told he’s got “too many thoughts swimming around in too small a head.”

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Book review: Cuckoo by Sophie Draper

Monday, November 26, 2018 Permalink

Avon Books advertised this on a book reviewing platform without revealing any detail many months ago. A sucker for both devious marketing plots and psychological thrillers I leapt in and received an electronic copy of the book billed Can You Keep A Secret… and I wasn’t sure if that was a question of we reviewers or the title.

Of course as it wasn’t due to be published until November, by the time I got around to reading it, it now had a name (Cuckoo, though it’s also listed as A Stranger in Our Home in some places – the latter not exactly making sense to me, but whatevs…).

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Pronouns and me

Sunday, November 25, 2018 Permalink

Okay, so this will be a weird post but I’m writing it as a reminder to my future self (AND to get it out of my head, where it’s been popping up with annoying regularity).

Those who follow me on social media, or with whom I communicate informally, will probably know I tend to skip pronouns when writing. “Should be working, but….” or “Wondering if ….”

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