I started reviewing books on my blog in mid-late 2013. It’s been an iterative process: initially I just blogged about my favourites; whereas now I write about almost everything I read.

I love reading. In fact, there’s nothing I love more than opening a book (or eReader) to that very first page and the tingle of anticipation I get as I start chapter one. Or more often than not nowadays – the prologue.


There are (however) a few things you probably should be aware of when reading my reviews:

  1. I only like fiction. I HATE non-fiction. #sorrynotsorry
  2. I love crime fiction / mysteries / thrillers. And ‘literature’. I rarely read straight romances and almost never read the sci fi / fantasy genre. In fact, I have to google dystopia anytime anyone mentions it.
  3. I’m somewhat self-absorbed. As a result there’ll always be a bit of me in my reviews. On a positive note I like to think my reviews and my writing reflects my personality. Sadly I’m also quite sarcastic.
  4. I’m honest. If I REALLY hate a book I’ll probably just review it in Goodreads and leave it off the blog. I try not to be too harsh, but I believe it’s important to be honest (but fair) and I’ll always try to explain my position.
  5. I’m a tough marker. Some sites (Goodreads, Reading Room and Amazon) require ratings.
    • 1 star – usually a DNF (did not finish). If I’m really not enjoying a book I won’t finish it. Life’s too short. That being said I’ll usually explain my rating – it could be more about me than the book itself. ie. It’s not you, it’s me.
    • 2 star – okay but not great. Again it could be that it’s not ‘my’ kind of book. Alternatively it might not entirely work on a couple of fronts (in terms of the prose, plot and characters).
    • 3 star – a good read. This is a book I’d recommend. It’s usually an easy read and most of the crime fiction / thrillers I read fall here. If it’s a bit better than usual I’ll try and give it 3.5.
    • 4 star – a great book and one I’d probably like to own. The book scores on all fronts – in terms of the plot, writing and characters – and it’s one I won’t forget easily.
    • 5 star – a rarity in my world. I fall in love with these books and everything about them.
  6. I generally close comments on my blog posts as my earlier book reviews received few comments and I felt a little guilty when a couple of authors had checked out the posts. (I didn’t want them to feel unloved.)
  7. I include affiliate links (to Booktopia and previously Amazon) which means I get a small percentage of any books sold using that link.