Sentence a day: June 2018 (part one)

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I’ve always meant to participate in one of these things and started this early in the month so I’ve actually been able to remember what I’ve done…. or at least the highlights / lowlights.

However…. I’m only halfway through the month and this blog post is already ridiculously long so I decided – given my long-winded / verbose nature – I’ll include a mid-way update! 

1 June – It’s Friday and I’m heading to Brisbane for my bestie’s birthday but pairing that with a visit to a service similar to that which I’m involved with at work; and the site-visit is far more useful than I expected!

2 June – Birthday prep with my friend and her partner before lunch with my bro and niece. Of course I have a pre-party nanna nap at my hotel before heading to my friend’s 50th.

3 JuneI decide to head home early as I miss my place. Plus I’ve woken with a really sore throat and slept poorly cos of the whole swallowing-of-razor-blades sensation all night. I stop off enroute home for groceries and Betadine throat gargle. #notsponsored

4 June – Werk. Alas. My throat isn’t as sore but I sound terrible.

sentence a day june

5 June – A teleconference for work is the last thing I need as I can barely speak and I sound much worse than I am. I soak up my colleagues’ pity down the telephone lines however.

6 June – A workshop for a project and I’m really sinus-y and practically fall into bed when I get home. At some point there’s a loud noise from inside the house but I feel too crappy to worry about getting up. I survive the night unscathed nonetheless.

7 June – I take a sick day…. though spend much of the morning doing work stuff via email. It’s okay though as I eat Caramello Koalas and stay in my PJs.

8 June – An early start to make up for my day off yesterday and I feel vaguely human. Vaguely.

9 June – Brunch with my aunt and uncle followed by a hair appointment. I’m not really due for a cut but my hairdresser is having a baby in a week so I’ve had to plan around her. (And yes, I’ve told her how inconsiderate she’s being!)

10 June – Sunday and I stayed up late watching The Rain on Netflix (horribly dubbed in English, why oh why) and spend the day catching up on blog stuff.

11 June – Rostered day off but I do some work stuff cos leaving it would otherwise cause delays. Plus I can’t help myself.

12 June – After a crappy sleep my headcold / man flu isn’t improving though isn’t really getting worse. In weirder news I have my first ‘date’ (just an afternoon coffee) in over a decade (or more!).

13 June – Dead tired after work but started reading Michael Robotham’s upcoming release The Other Wife and HAD TO READ IT ALL.

14 June – Had a number of back-to-back meetings in a nearby town and I’m feeling like crap so decide to stay at my mum’s unexpectedly to save me the extra drive to my hometown. I was in bed by 7.30pm!

15 June – TGIF. After work I spend the night in the bath with a book and enjoy Ghosted by Rosie Walsh more than I expected.

sentence a day june 2018

16 June* – My headcold continues to plague me and I’m only out of bed for a couple of hours at a time. I do however force myself out on an afternoon beach walk!

* included just to fuck with those who prefer symmetry. It’s true I could have ended this on the 15th given the whole 30 days-this-month thing, but why be precise when you can be annoying?

I’m making an attempt to get my blogging mojo back by posting more regularly in June. I’m closing comments though as I don’t want people to feel obliged to read my drivel or as if they HAVE to leave a comment. Feel free to stop by my Facebook page for a chat instead however.

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