Organising and diarising. Ish.

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I have to admit to being quite chuffed with myself. I am finally up-to-date with my 12 week body transformation challenge pre-season tasks. Of course, when I say that I should clarify that it could, well… umm… it could be said that I’m not quite up-to-date with my pre-season tasks – but I don’t want to let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Our previous task (Task 6) required us to rid our kitchens of nasty food. My kitchen doesn’t contain a lot of nasty food and that’s only because I eat it as I buy it (and buy it as I eat it). Sort of. As an ‘I have no self control’ type of girl, I cannot buy exciting food to keep on hand. The same goes with alcohol. If I have something in the house, it will get consumed in a moment (or hour or two) of weakness. For that reason I have (in the past) had to rid my place of things like flour, sugar and the like, because all I need is an egg and some milk and voila! – I have cake batter. So, my danger foods (chips, chocolate, wine, champagne etc) are procured when required. I live alone so I needn’t have supplies for other people; and I’m coeliac so it’s pretty safe for me to buy non gluten-free biscuits and the like for visitors. (I have to admit that I can’t understand why I can avoid certain foods for allergy reasons but not for other health-related reasons!!!)

So, I plan to do my pre-challenge grocery shop this weekend (before we start) and clear any remaining decadent treats out then as well. I have admitted before that I don’t feel quite ready (for the program to start as yet), but I’ve now had a couple of alcohol-free nights (the first two of which I supplemented my evening with chocolate and hot chips to get me through the night!) and today I didn’t really have anything that one shouldn’t eat on a diet. Just too much of the stuff you are allowed. As a result of all of that Task 6 – the kitchen clean-out – will be completed this weekend.

Which brings me back to Task 7, my current task which requires us to diarise and organise our lives over the coming 12 weeks. We are required to:

  1. identify any commitments, disruptions or road blocks which we need to take into consideration (h0lidays, special outings etc)
  2. decide when we will exercise and what we will do (for the 6 days a week we have to do exercise of some sort)
  3. plan our shopping day each week, and any supplementary shop we may need to do
  4. identify milestones for the 4 week; 8 week; and 12 week marks.

New Weekly DiaryI need to ponder on these a bit more. The first requirement should be okay as my life and my commitments are pretty much within my control (and therein lies the problem). My family and friends will be supportive of these efforts and undoubtedly assist in any way they can. Menus can be altered and catch-ups can be centred around exercise. The challenge for me will be more one of self control. I will be the one who wants to overindulge in champagne or wine; or I will be the one who decides I’m deserving of a treat (or day off) – which could indeed be the beginning of the end of my efforts.

I have decided I will a weekly online grocery shop. I hate grocery shopping anyway, and this should remove some temptation. Of course it doesn’t mean I won’t be tempted to pop into my corner store for chocolate or drive down to Coles or Woolworths for GF corn chips, fake twisties, or chocolate; or walk 100m to the bottle shop around the corner. But it will give me some semblance of control. I hope.

As for the exercise and goals, I need to think about these some more. I was to organise an exercise bike (staving off my shin splints I get from walking) but must admit I haven’t chased up the recalcitrant exercise bike hire place which hasn’t responded to the email I sent a week ago. (And yes, I know I should just call….) I am also planning to rejoin pilates, which I am yet to do. So I sort of have a plan. At the moment I’m keen to find out how much flexibility we have in our exercise program: ie. can I just ride the exercise bike (interval style) for my cardio / fitness exercise, or do I have to do something more specific? I’m sure these and more questions will be answered when the program starts. But, as usual, I want to know now.

As for my mini milestones, I have already set some goals for the one month and three month marks, so I might go back and revisit them. I’d like to think my end of program goal will be fitting into some of the winter jackets and clothes hanging in my wardrobe (the ones that taunt me!). I’d also like to be able to walk (for exercise) without getting shin splints. In reality, in terms of fitness levels, anything exercise will be more than I’m doing now (cos I’m doing SFA). And, eating less crap food and healthier food than I am now would also be a good thing. So, I’d like to think that – no matter what happens – I surely can’t be any LESS fit or healthy at the end of this. Surely…


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