I do solemnly swear…

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The latest task (well, second latest task, but naturally I am behind everyone else!) is to make a commitment. To ‘Say it out loud’. We need to voice our goals and intentions to those around us.

As an over-sharer, I have no problem with entertaining people (read: boring them shitless) with my happenings. As a result, most people in my life already know that I am to start Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation challenge on 23 May. I haven’t made a ‘commitment’ to them as such, but I will tell them once the program starts – and undoubtedly I will whinge and complain about what I’m not eating or what exercise I am doing or not doing once I start.

I’ve talked in previous posts about the fact that I have been almost-constantly ‘motivated’ to lose weight (ie. I generally despise myself and my body and want to make changes) but haven’t been ‘committed’. There’s been no intent. No ‘will’. I continue to worry that I’m still not ‘committed’ but I do solemnly swear that on 23 May 2011, I will start this program. Here is my committment to Michelle:

My commitment to you (and to me) is to make my health a priority. I will commit to giving this challenge my all and I will make sustainable lifestyle changes so I can become the person I would like to be and SHOULD be. I will actually ‘try’ for a change. I will be committed. And I will not allow excuses.

I diligently did my ‘goal-setting’ task last week, which required us to set goals for the next month, three months, six months and year.  As a former project manager the notion of setting targets (performance indicators etc) and monitoring my achievements against them makes sense. So here are my short term goals (note that we were encouraged to include other life-related goals):

My one month goals (by the end of June 2011)

  • Start program. Seriously and from Day 1
  • Lose 5kg or more
  • No alcohol
  • Reduce amount of food at night
  • Start exercising
  • Start preparing to sell house

 I will do this by:

  • Following program. Making time at end of each day to do necessary tasks
  • Finding other things to occupy me at night (break nexus between TV, food and alcohol)
  • Getting an exercise bike
  • Planning meals ahead of time. More stir fries for dinner (with lots of veges)
  • Walking / riding / pilates 3 – 6 times a week
  • Re-committing to pilates lessons and book twice-weekly lessons
  • Rearranging daily schedule to exercise before work
  • Contacting real estate agent.

I might also post my 3 month goals down the track, but I look forward to reporting back at the end of June and having achieved all of these goals at the end of my first month on the program. I do solemnly swear….


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