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I continue to assume I will soon get back on track.  But it hasn’t happened as yet.  When I bought the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies yesterday (yes, I did cave in to my desire for biscuits / biscuit batter) I did so on the assumption that today… Sunday – start of the week (kinda) I would get on track.

When I scoffed more red wine than I should have last night – thereby ridding my house of any wine or champagne, I did so on the assumption that today, I would turn over a new leaf.  I would be ‘healthy’ girl.

Of course instead I slept in because I stayed up later than I should have because I drank and ate more than I should have…  So, the last day of my 8 week holiday has been spent lolling in bed feeling sorry for myself and sitting wallowing in front of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Series 3. 

I went out for Chinese at lunchtime, hoping that would satisfy my slightly-unhappy stomach and I returned to my bed a number of times hoping that I would snooze (briefly so I didn’t fritter the day away) and wake restored.  But alas…

Tomorrow I return to work and I am hoping that signals a renewal of my Weight Watch(er)ing.  I will put my Weight Watchers point tracker in a prominent position so I cannot fail to see it.  I will plan ahead and know exactly what I will and will not eat.  And most importantly I will damned well get my arse into gear.

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