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As of today I am back at work.  Ugh!  But I have been waiting for the moment as that means I am not around the house all day, dealing with temptation.  (Although, as I write that I recall that my daytime eating wasn’t really my problem….)

Anyway, suffice to say, as planned, I returned to work AND counting and tracking points.  I have had 22 points today.  I am not sure whether I am allowed 24 or 25 points at the moment as it depends on how scary the scales are!  As I lay in bed sleeplessly last night I decided that I SHOULD have gone to get weighed this past weekend, as even if I have a fabulous week, I might still be heavier than my last weigh-in (having put on 3kgs last week according to my own scales!!!).  That way, I thought, the Weight Watchers consultant would realise how good I have been this week.  Which of course is insane because the only person I should be worrying about is ME!!!  And I will know if I have been naughty or nice (or good or bad; or healthy or not – etc) this week.

Of course I felt revolting all day thanks to recent weight gain and self-hatred resulting from recent weight gain (oops… I was supposed to be treating myself better, wasn’t I?).  But, there you have it.  I wore a recent favourite outfit, with great jewellery in an attempt to feel a bit better, but it all felt tight and horrible.  I felt self-conscious and regretted the fact that I had wasted the (effort of the) 9.1kgs I had lost prior to my holidays.

But, I had to take solace in the fact that – although I wasn’t ‘great’ yesterday, I had an alcohol free day and did 15mins of low impact exercise (ie. trampoline jogging) and today I stuck to points.  I was frighteningly disorganised and other than my usual breakfast (low fat bacon and egg sandwich), I only had a tin of tomato soup all day.  I always prided myself on having my work lunches pre-planned, but I am not quite there yet (tin of soup out for tomorrow as well). 

I was ravenous by the time I got home at 6.30pm, and was vaguely tempted to get some booze to fill the void, but I waited and cooked myself a healthy stir fry.  I had decided I could have popcorn as a treat if I only had 2 points worth of carbohydrates for dinner, which I did… and despite all of that, I still only hit 22 points.

I will aim to keep under points between now and my Saturday weigh-in.  I will try to remain strong and motivated and hopefully remember how good I feel when I am making sensible choices – physically AND mentally.

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