Book review: Dark Deeds Down Under edited by Craig Sisterson

Wednesday, August 10, 2022 Permalink

I bought and read UK-dwelling New Zealander Craig Sisterson’s Southern Cross Crime a few years ago. It’s not a book I’d typically choose given it’s non-fiction… (I do not ‘do’ non-fiction), however, I was actually studying my Masters of Arts at the time and writing an assignment on Australian crime fiction. I can’t now recall the gist of my assignment but Sisterson’s book provided a wealth of background on the history of antipodean crime fiction.

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Book review: Prey by L A Larkin

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 Permalink

When I was contacted about Prey by L A Larkin I assumed I’d read Larkin’s previous book, Devour as I recognised its cover. So when I started reading and realised Prey was a sequel, I flicked back to my site (and through Goodreads) for my review to get some context.

It was only then I realised I hadn’t read its predecessor. It was a little problematic initially as there were a lot of references to events in Devour (marketed as Olivia Wolfe #1) and I almost put Prey aside as a result. I’m glad I didn’t however as I grew to increasingly like our lead character, Olivia and was keen to discover what she uncovered.

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