Thoughts and memories: all we have?

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Is it just me or does there always seem to be nothing on TV, or far too much?! Until recently my Monday and Wednesday nights offered up an abundance of exciting viewing – so much so that I was unable to record and watch everything I wanted to see. And then of course, the next night…. nada. Zip. Just bloody renovation and cooking shows.

Which (in case you were wondering) is why I was searching through my not-hugely-extensive DVD collection recently.

In a surprise move I cast the usual suspects aside and chose a TV show which I was shocked to realise I discovered and last watched four years ago.

After having the 2003 TV show Dead Like Me  foisted onto me in my local video store, I ended up buying all two series* and the made-for-TV movie**. Unlike today’s TV fodder, the ‘dead’ in Bryan Fuller’s TV series weren’t zombies or vampires or at all creepy. Instead, they were grim reapers. (ie. Just like Little Red Riding Hood. But in black.)

In case you don’t want to read my earlier blog about the show***; in essence the show follows a group of the ‘undead’ who take on new human forms and guide recently deceased souls onto… whatever comes next.

Although there’s something alluring about the show I wouldn’t list it as one of my all-time faves. Indeed, most of the characters are actually quite unlikable. I’m usually a big fan of Mandy Patinkin, but his head honcho reaper Rube comes across as gruff and (for the most part) far-too-indifferent. (Maybe death does that to you?!?!)

But… all of that is kinda irrelevant cos what interested me was a quote from Episode 3 of the series which took my fancy. In the scene George (Georgia, our 18 yr old lead character – killed by  a toilet which plummeted to earth from a Russian space station) is complaining to Rube about her lost life and missed opportunities. (Someone else liked the quote obviously as I found a pictorial version!)

And I pondered on this: Is it true?

Do we really only have ‘thoughts and memories’? Is that why so many of us surround ourselves with material items?!

Sure we have experiences, but they’re soon gone and all we have are memories of the experiences.

We have feelings, but once they’ve passed they’re just thoughts and memories.

Shit! It feels very confronting.

Do you think it’s true?
Am I missing something?

* The show peaked early and quickly!
** Presumably made to placate and offer closure to addicted fans.
*** It should be noted that this blog post wasn’t actually a review, but rather me bitching about Hollywood’s lollypop heads and trout pouts (which is probably one of the bitchier/nastier posts I’ve ever written!).


  • Jess
    July 1, 2013

    Does seem kind of depressing doesn’t it?!

    • Debbish
      July 2, 2013

      Indeed. But I don’t know what else I expected we would have (for ever)?!

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