Dexter, Fringe, House and my week in TV

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You’ll be happy to know I’ve managed to survive a week without the written word. Well, in terms of my personal life; sadly work requires me to read all sorts of stuff.

As expected though, I’ve replaced my obsessive reading habit with some obsessive TV watching.

I did knock off the entire sixth season of Dexter in less than 24hrs. And I must say, it was one of the better seasons I’d seen for a while. Although I’m a Julia Stiles fan, I found the previous season a bit meh. And the John Lithgow and Jimmy Smits seasons… a bit too erratic and implausible. My least favourite however, was probably the second season featuring the crazy British chick. As I write that I’m realising that, although I like dark (serial-killing) Dexter, I don’t necessarily want to see him spiral out of control with other sickos.

On returning Dexter to my local video library I ALMOST borrowed Season 2 of the Walking Dead. I watched the first season a few months ago and while I didn’t LOVE love it, I didn’t mind it. And who doesn’t love watching zombies? I mean… come on…?! However, it did occur to me that I had an excessive amount of stuff on my TiVo to watch, so I delayed that gratification.

Instead I caught up on Fringe, in its second last season here in Oz I understand. Regular readers will remember that I’ve puzzled over the alternative universe concept before (twice actually!). In this latest season one of the show’s two stars (Joshua Jackson) Peter, is essentially missing for the first few episodes and I struggled with the different dynamic. The reason I had half a dozen unwatched episodes TiVoed was because I wasn’t sure I DID want to watch it again. Thank god I persevered cos Peter’s back and I’m really enjoying it again. And I must say there’s something very likeable about the Aussie star of the show, Anna Torv.

And finally I’ve been binge-watching House, in its final season here with the finale actually on tonight. Like so many other series, (in my mind) House faltered in the middle somewhere. I’m enjoying the Cuddy-less version cos quite frankly she pissed me off. I mean, do hospital CEOs / administrators really dress like they’re going to a bar?! I don’t want to begrudge any woman (or man) dressing they way they want, but I found it hard to take her seriously (even as an actor-playing-a-hospital CEO).

And then there’s Once Upon a Time. Should I be embarrassed that I’m really enjoying that show I wonder?!

As is the case with House, its network is currently overloading us, with 4 episodes a week – obviously coordinating its culmination with new shows coming up. I’ve long been a fan of Ginnifer Goodwin but am surprised at how much I like Jennifer Morrison in this, as I disliked her intensely in House. She’s fabulously convincing and very accessible as a bounty hunter turned small town Sheriff (and apparently saviour of our fairytale characters trapped in contemporary Storybrooke).

Of course with the Olympics on, all of the usual faves are off our screens at the moment. Instead we’re being bombarded with advertisements for shows starting AFTER the Games.

I must confess that I haven’t watched any of the Olympics. I know I should care more, but… meh.

While I’m confessing I also need to own up to watching UK lady detectives, Rosemary and Thyme over the past two weeks. I’m sure I saw this show when it was first out (being a sucker for a quirky whodunnit drama) but there’s something charming about gardeners Rosemary Boxer and Laura Thyme and their detecting ways. Plus… well, there’s not much else on.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided to allow myself to visit the library tomorrow, although I may be on rations for a while until I reach some sort of normalised reading patterns. So, I’m thinking four books a week.

And never let it be said that I have no life! (Yes, I know that’s what you were thinking!!!!)

  • Jo Tracey
    August 11, 2012

    I’m re-watching the 1st series of Sex & the City…& have finally discovered West Wing- so much later than the rest of the world.

    • Debbish
      August 11, 2012

      I own both series Jo (love TV on DVD and own lots more TV series than actual movies and stuff) and love them both, especially West Wing (though it faltered in the middle). I did a blog post on it in this blog last year!


  • Mel
    August 12, 2012

    How good is Dexter & Fringe! Seriously, Fringe is one of my fave shows ever! I am also a fan of Once Upon a Time, although Im not so embarrassed to admit it 😉

    • Debbish
      August 13, 2012

      Fringe is really exciting at the moment… And I’m loving that it’s on a couple of times a week!

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