She’s baaaack….

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I know it’s been a while, but you may recall my love for Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, a TV show based on a series of novels by Aussie author Kerry Greenwood. I wrote about the show and later about the gorgeous fashions last year when Season One aired here in Australia.

Well, in case you don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter… Ta Da!

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What I’m watching

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Parents around the world rejoice when summer holidays come to an end. As do I. I’m not a parent, so my celebrations aren’t in honour of having bored argumentative kids back in school where they belong (for at least 12 years or more).

No, my delight is a direct result of the fact that the silly season (aka non-ratings period) on our television screens comes to an end.

In Australia I’m able to finally exhale (and put away my DVD rental card) in February when I’m relieved to see my old faves back on the screen as well as some newcomers – which will hopefully stay around longer than Alcatraz or Criminal Minds – Suspect Behaviour.

Because I have such exquisite and superior taste I thought I’d treat you to some insight into why I like the shows I do… just in case you’re looking for some new viewing fodder.

Now, of course there are the shows which have already received a mention OR their own post here previously, including: Person of Interest, The Killing, Revenge, Raising Hope, Rizzoli & Isles, and White Collar (and Suits!).

There are however, other returnees which haven’t yet had the honour of Debbish love and attention:

Castle – cos I’m a huge fan of Nathan Fillion (not from his evil end-the-world Buffy days, but from his goofy-Mal Firefly days!) and love the faux dumb drollness of his character. Oh and I like the fact that his character actually has a Twitter account!

The Mentalist – cos of Simon Baker. Major cutie. What more can I say…  Though you either love or hate the quirkiness of his Patrick Jane; it’s impossible to fence-sit it seems!

NCIS LA – the biggest problem here is deciding if it’s Callan (Chris O’Donnell ) or Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) who is ultimately worthy of my adoration.

Blue Bloods – Tom Selleck is the perfect Commissioner of Police. Who would have thought Magnum PI would turn to the dark side?!

Law & Order SVU – I am loving the cast changes. Arrogant Elliot (Christopher Meloni) who’s now left the show just pissed me off. Mariska Hargitay continues to be a fave.

Big Bang Theory – I fell in love with this show a few years ago and cannot believe I haven’t written an entire post about it. Amazingly, the introduction of new characters over the past couple of years have only strengthened its allure! (I am a bit over the constant reruns however and wish TV Execs stopped using it as a gap-filler. Why don’t they go back to reruns of Seinfeld, The Simpsons or Two and a Half Men for god’s sake!)

The Graham Norton show – I cannot believe this show isn’t more popular cos I adore cheeky Graham and his very dry sense of humour. I have to say though, the quality of each show is somewhat dependent on those on the couch opposite the Irishman.

Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell – featuring Australian funnyman Shaun and reminding me that funny can be sexy. But while I love the faux newsy / current affairs show I’m not a fan of his other current TV gig… Mr and Mrs Murder. Ho hum.

As I was a huge fan of Sherlock, featuring the bizarrely sexy Benedict Cumberbatch,  I’d decided I had to hate the (latest) US version of the old Sir Arthur Conan Doyle classic. But instead Elementary is one of my favourite new shows of the year! Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu are fab in the lead roles.

Of course there are some other faves not YET back on our screens, including the final season of SciFi series which started with a bang and may end with a whimper, Fringe as well as:

Criminal Minds – cos who doesn’t love a show about serial killers and those who catch them. Plus Shemar Moore is tres hunky!

Puberty Blues – the second best show on Australian television – if I do say so myself. I loved everything about this show from the casting to the writing. I cannot wait for season 2.

puberty blues

Which brings me to Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: the creme da la creme of TV viewing in my book. I won’t bore you with my effusive praise and rave about how much I love this show, cos I’ve done it here and in a Fashion Phry-day post. All I can say is watching this show makes my heart and soul sing.

So there you have it. I know many of you are wondering why I haven’t included the likes of Downton Abbey (don’t like the show and find the leading female character – ie. the oldest daughter – very unappealing) or shows about cooking or renovating or losing weight (cos I have taste). 😉

I’d be keen though, to know what you think about my list and what you think I’ve overlooked.

Fashion Phry-day

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In honour of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week which commences here in Oz tomorrow (and given that I was not invited to attend… despite my burgeoning status as fashion blogger – okay… well, not so much!), I thought I’d do a Fashion Friday post – a tool I’ve noticed which is often employed by real fashion bloggers.

I should probably admit though that this is not exactly a Fashion Friday post. Because it is – in fact – Sunday – and as I mentioned, I am not a fashion blogger. As a result, this is (instead) to be a Fashion Phry-day Phryne post.

Avid readers of this blog will recall that I gushed over ABC (Oz) TV’s new weekly ‘lady detective’ series, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries recently; and you’ll be pleased to know my fascination and adoration have not waned. (Kudos of course also to the books’ creator, Kerry Greenwood!)

I know, I know, there are some critics – the storylines are somewhat fanciful and not all actors are as fabulous or convincing as Essie Davis as Miss Phryne (pronounced Fry-nee) Fisher herself – but THE SHOW IS SUCH FUN. Nothing else matters.

Well, nothing else that is, other than the clothes. I raved about them in my previous post and this past week I cackled out loud at Phryne’s droll reference to an outfit she was wearing.

In the scene in question, Phryne was accompanying her friend Doctor Mac to the location of a grisly death. Mac said that Phryne might have to pretend she was her nurse to be allowed on site; and Phryne (wearing the outfit on the right below) with all her beguiling seriousness said, “Well, I’m glad I dressed for the occasion.”

In undertaking my extensive research (yes… the usual – Google!), I read an interesting interview on the ABC TV website’s blog with Costume Designer, Marion Boyce (here) which was enlightening for a fashion and history greenhorn like myself.

When asked about the ‘look’ of the late 1920s and early 1930s Ms Boyce talks about the importance of the ‘whole ensemble’.

Although I wear a lot of costume (ie. cheap and funky) jewellery, I don’t tend to don scarves or gloves or hats and rarely carry handbags. And it seems, unlike many women, I’m not really into shoes.

Whereas, one of the things I love most about Phryne’s wardrobe are her fabulous accessories. Even I drool over her AMAZING coats; and sometimes her hats, gloves, sunglasses, parasols and the like are what ‘make’ the look. ACCESSORISE, ACCESSORISE, ACCESSORISE! (Now, who said that?!)

In the online interview, Ms Boyce also commented on the joys of designing costumes for an unconventional woman, such as Phryne as well as those for her less flamboyant colleagues.

I read a blog recently (can’t recall where, or which one) where the writer asked us if we have ‘a look’. I grimaced as I sat in front of my iMac in a Nike t-shirt and sweat pants and decided against leaving a comment. But when I thought about it later I recalled my niece recently asking me (on a trip to Melbourne) why all of my clothes were a bit odd-looking. I suspect it was because I took a couple of my fabulous Nicola Waite* tops away with me; and Waite’s designs as well as the more affordable TS14+* pieces I own are all contemporary in design with asymmetric hems and the like.

So, I guess if I think about it – that’s my style. I’m not into classic suits, or pretty frocks or sophisticated evening wear. Rather, edgy and quirky designs.

But, I must confess, as I watch Phryne each week I suffer from some wardrobe envy. Sure I don’t have the slim flapper-like silhouette she and many of her cohorts do, so I would probably look quite lumpy and frumpy in the fabulous fur coats and layers, but still… a gal can dream. Can’t she?

Are you a Phryne fan, or a Miss Fisher convert?
Are you like me and, almost hopeful, that the glamorous 1920s/30s ‘look’ comes back into style? 

*Oz designers


Move aside Miss Marple

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I am – I must confess – a bit of a nanna when it comes to some television shows. I mean, I haven’t succumbed as yet to Midsomer Murders and the like, but I love me some Agatha Christie Miss Marple (particularly when the leading lady is played by the fabulously wooly Geraldine McEwan). And, I’ve already confessed to a Murder She Wrote fetish.

Well, now it appears there’s a new female sleuth in town and I feel slightly guilty that I haven’t heard of her before. However, I’m pretty sure I’ve admitted that I don’t read a lot of Australian literature (preferring to escape into other worlds as much as possible – ie. I don’t want any bloody reality seeping in!), so I guess it’s not surprising that I hadn’t heard of Australian author Kerry Greenwood’s Miss Phryne Fisher.

At least I hadn’t heard of her until she burst into life in the form of a 13-part ABC Australian television series, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. AND. I. AM. LOVING. IT. In fact, I think I’ve got a bit of a girl-crush on Miss Phryne Fisher herself, played by Essie Davis who’s apparently been in other stuff which I haven’t seen or can’t recall. Although quite frankly, it’s not Ms Davis, but Miss Fisher who has me enthralled.

Phryne (pronounced Fry-nee) is a tres glamorous pistol-toting 1920s ‘spinster’ (as she is referred to in the show) who seemingly stumbles across murder and mayhem convincing her to turn her mind to ‘detecting’.

Phryne, who has a one-nighter with a murder suspect in the first episode may not be typical of 1920s Melbourne society types, although flighty on the surface, she has a generous spirit and endearing personality (akin to a gentile steamroller) and manages to charm even the most conservative around her.

Like all good heroines, Phryne comes with baggage in the form of a sister who disappeared many many years before… and when we first meet Phryne she is returning from life abroad to ensure her sister’s accused kidnapper remains behind bars. (And I’m kinda assuming we may see more of that backstory throughout the series!)

Now I must confess that I don’t know Melbourne well, but the location scouts and set designers have done a good job in ensuring the period feel, and Phryne’s wardrobe is FABULOUS!

Episode two has just aired here and her support cast is coming together nicely, from her chaste Catholic maid (and assistant sleuth) Dot, the remainder of her household staff and the ubiqitious Police Inspector, who will surely be a love interest of some sort.

Obviously I could trundle down to the local bookstore or library and buy/borrow Greenwood’s books… but I have to say I’m enjoying the TV series so much I don’t want anything to mar the experience. I’m happy to take each episode as it comes, eking out the pleasure I get from watching the show and Phryne’s antics, each week.

And already I’m excited about what she may have in store for us next!

 *Photographs from