Book review: Dark Sacred Night by Micheal Connelly

Sunday, October 28, 2018 Permalink

I have been a relatively recent convert to Michael Connelly and his Hieronymus (Harry) Bosch series, but was excited to read The Late Show, the first in a new series featuring Detective Renee Ballard in 2017 (getting in on the ground floor kinda thing). I really liked her… she’s quirky – works nights and lives out of her van, sleeping on the beach in a tent during the day – and was left wanting more.

And she’s back in Connelly’s latest release but just when you think things can’t get any better (ie. the return of this new and fabulously interesting character) he damned well pairs her with Bosch in this outing. Oh. My. God. 


Book review: Daylight by David Baldacci

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I’ve really been enjoying David Baldacci’s series featuring FBI agent Atlee Pine. Daylight is the third in the series and pairs her up with another of Baldacci’s regulars, Army CID officer John Puller.

Although the first two books in this series have also featured stand-alone investigations, they’ve been set against a backdrop of a mystery spanning thirty years and one driving Pine. She made some significant progress in the last book in this series A Minute to Midnight and she’s got time off to follow through here. Those who haven’t read any other books in the series need not worry however, as Baldacci recaps Pine’s backstory easily and most of this book is devoted to a new investigation.


Book review: Wrecked by Joe Ide

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I adored the character of Isaiah Quintabe introduced by Joe Ide in 2016. The first book, IQ (named after Isaiah’s moniker) gave us a scary-smart street-wise crime solver / PI. (And I should mention I wasn’t alone in my love for IQ… and Ide’s subsequent books include quotes by the likes of Michael Connelly, Gregg Hurwitz etc commenting on the arrival of a great new fictional character.)

Indeed, in my review of IQ I comment on the fact Isaiah reminded me of the sassy smart-mouthed gumshoes (PIs) I once so loved.


Book review: Long Road to Mercy by David Baldacci

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In almost every David Baldacci book review I write I comment on how much I love his Amos Decker (Memory Man) series, as well as the Will Robie and John Puller series. And I always mention I’m not a fan of his earlier Camel Club series. I’d say that I won’t do that this time around but I already have, plus it’s a little relevant.

Baldacci’s latest book is prefaced by a letter to readers, introducing his first female lead – FBI Agent Atlee Pine. Obviously he’s written other female characters but Atlee is the standalone lead and he comments that she’s one of the most unique characters he’s created. (This from the man who gave us Amos Decker and his hyperthymesia!) Obviously my expectations were high. I’ve read some AMAZING female leads – Candice Fox delivers many, and just recently I revisited Michael Connelly’s Renee Ballard. And on the character front Baldacci certainly offers up a wonderful new protagonist in Atlee (or Pine, as Baldacci calls her).


Weekly check-in

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I’m posting my weekly check-in a little early this week. And I swear it’s not because I can’t be bothered writing something ‘else’ for today. I swear. *Crosses fingers behind back*

It’s been a kinda challenging week this week and time seems to have conspired against me. In fact my mood was such that on a couple of days I hated everything and everyone. Sorry ’bout that. (I’m pretty sure I’ve forgiven you now.)

Weekly check-in

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I’m in the midst of a couple of busy work weeks, so it hasn’t felt like I’ve had time to think about much other than my day job… however, my continued early mornings mean I’m getting 60-90mins of stuff done at my desk at home before going into work – something I’m really enjoying and appreciating. 

Weekly check in

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Just for something completely different I’ve been a bit all over the place this week. And yes… that was sarcasm.

God only knows what my problem is because I keep putting things aside until I feel like I can deal with them which ends up requiring me to spend 3hrs responding to / reading and deleting emails on a Friday morning. Some of the emails were two months old and from publishers with their new release listings. 

Weekly check in

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Happy Halloween for those celebrating the occasion! While it was never a ‘thing’ here in Australia when I was young it’s become far more popular nowadays and I’m sure if I had kids I’d be joining in the fun and frivolity!

Weekly check in

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It’s been another mixed week for me. It started poorly as I was still struggling with the dreaded flu/cold thingy which has toyed with me and my sanity over the past few months. But finally… a sane ‘me’ has emerged. Sans cough, sore ribs, headache and sinus pain. Just when I’d forgotten what it was like to feel well. 🙂

Reading-wise I did pretty well this past week, though I did (again) ditch my planned reads to pick up a new arrival or two.