Book review: Six Minutes by Petronella McGovern

Monday, July 1, 2019 Permalink

This book came as a bit of a surprise. I’d had an advance copy for a while but put it aside for closer to the publication date when the final version arrived and I read some publicity around it.

In some ways you’d think the whole ‘missing child’ thing had been done to death. Indeed the blurb refers to The Cry and I know I’ve read quite a lot of books about disappearing children, but this felt different. The parents were less obvious suspects, though certainly had their secrets, and there was other stuff going on behind the scenes, involving both the parents and those who last saw the missing girl.

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The first six months: my favourite books of 2019. So far.

Saturday, June 29, 2019 Permalink

I tend to write one of these posts most years but never get around to do the second six months, rather bypassing the semi-finals and going straight to the grand final: aka – My favourite books of the year. It probably means there are a lot of books I’ve read between July and December I do not acknowledge sufficiently but then again no one ever said life was fair.

Anyhoo… the first six months of 2019 have flown by and despite my apathy and newfound love of Netflix I’m on track for my (reduced) annual reading target (63 / 120).

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June 2019 check-in

Thursday, June 27, 2019 Permalink

Almost the end of the month AND the financial year here in Australia. As I’ve only worked for a few months this year I have my fingers crossed for a tax cheque which will make a nice change. And keep me off the streets (ie. pay my mortgage, electricity and hefty brownie-mix bills) for a while.

After dipping a little mood-wise earlier this month I’m feeling much better** so….

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Book review: The Whisper Network by Chandler Baker

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 Permalink

The Whisper Network by Chandler Baker is a little outside of my usual reading genre. I must admit usually when I see book blurbs mentioning groups of women I assume it to be women’s fiction grappling with kids and husbands or in-laws or something saga like – to which I can’t relate. This book is more based around the workplace and – in reality – it felt like the plot took second place to its message. Which is fine, except (for me) the message was a little too forcefully delivered.

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Conversations with friends: dealing with anxiety

Monday, June 24, 2019 Permalink

I shared something from A Life in Progress on my Facebook page recently. I didn’t like myself much I said. And I didn’t mean it in a glib, “I hate my thighs” kinda way. More in a, “I have weaknesses or bad habits I’m aware of but haven’t overcome,” kind of way. Indeed I’ve written before about my propensity to ‘play the victim’ and of course the whole pity vs envy thing.

I withdrew a little from an online chat group earlier this year. A friend and I sensed the group had become distant. Of course because I make everything about me (in a good and bad way) I decided it was my fault. I’d been whining too much, I decided. I was too negative and just too annoying to be around.*

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Book review: After the End by Clare Mackintosh

Saturday, June 22, 2019 Permalink

I like to think of myself as having discovered UK author Clare Mackintosh. It’s not true, obviously, but I read her debut novel I Let You Go very early and it was one of my favourite books that year. Indeed, its mid-way shocker was one of the best I’ve ever encountered. I’ve also read and reviewed her subsequent novels, I See You and Let Me Lie, enjoying both because of their twists and her innovative plots.

Interestingly her latest, After the End, is quite different. It immediately reminded me of recent work by Jodi Picoult in that it’s boldly confronting and will have readers questioning preconceived ideas… or certainly challenging our thinking. It’s different from Mackintosh’s previous work but that variety isn’t something I mind. Surely if someone loves writing (and excels at storytelling) then it doesn’t matter what they write?

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Conversations with friends: Public vs private living

Monday, June 17, 2019 Permalink

I was chatting online with a friend about stuff and we were talking about that fine line. The one which I often cross despite being conscious of its existence.

I’d vented a little ( 🙄 ) on Facebook about a couple of jobs I’d applied for and not gotten as well as the frustration of job hunting in a regional town with limited opportunities.

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