Book review: Liar Liar by James Patterson and Candice Fox

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I was a latecomer to this series, joining for the second installment, Fifty Fifty and adored it. I used to be a James Patterson fan (way back when) and while not altogether convinced that quantity equals quality, I love that he’s partnering with other authors and giving some the attention that deserve (like Australia’s Candice Fox, for example) but might not have otherwise got. Internationally at least, in Fox’s case.

And this series’ Harriet Blue feels as if it has Fox’s fingerprints (I was tempted to say paw prints, but am pretty sure I went down that analogous route in my previous review) all over the fabulous creation.

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Men writing as women. Women writing as men.

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Once upon a time female writers had to write under male pseudonyms as it wasn’t appropriate for women to pen… well anything really, under their own names. Think: Emily Bronte writing as Ellis Bell; Ethel Florence Lindesay Richardson as Henry Handel Richardson.

Thankfully much has changed since then.

At least I think it has.

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Book review: Believe Me by JP Delaney

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JP Delaney’s debut novel, The Girl Before was one of the most accessed / read posts on this website. Well, that was until hundreds (thousands) visited more recently to read my review of A Simple Favour┬áby Darcey Bell – which I gather is being / has been made into a movie. Hence the interest (though I’m not entirely sure how my review is featuring so prominently!)

I really enjoyed The Girl Before so eagerly awaited Delaney’s second novel, Believe Me, which the author (Tony Strong, writing as JP Delaney) notes is a re-work and re-publication of a manuscript published 17 years earlier.

And given how much I enjoyed this book, it was well worth the revisit.

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Book review: Fatal Inheritance by Rachel Rhys

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I don’t tend to read historical fiction unless it’s intermingled with the present, so this book didn’t jump out at me when it arrived (despite the Australian edition’s beautiful cover). However, I decided I’d give it a go as there was something about the blurb that made me think about Agatha Christie’s A Caribbean Mystery, Evil Under the Sun or The Mystery of the Blue Train.

Fatal Inheritance by Tammy Cohen (writing as Rachel Rhys) wasn’t really a hardcore whodunit requiring a Belgian detective or woolly but whip-smart spinster however. Instead it’s an intriguing story with delightful characters and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

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Book review: Open Your Eyes by Paula Daly

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As this book opens, our lead characters Jane and her husband Leon are arguing.

He fared far better in my mind. She’s an aspiring author and her novel’s just been rejected by publishers after a year of hard work. Leon – a published author – suggests perhaps she could take a break and focus her attention a little more on their kids.

Which would seem to be unfair, condescending and chauvinistic until we learn it’s Jane’s sixth novel and Leon’s been pretty supportive so far.

Their fight’s quickly forgotten however and they’re about to head out when tragedy strikes. (Dum-dum!)

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Curating a life I love

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I have a gazillion browser tabs open on my iPhone. It’s because I tend to click on items of interest when I’m on Facebook or similar. At the moment, there are articles open called: “5 Things People With Tidy Homes Don’t Do”; “The Beauty of Being Single”; “How to Reframe Your Skills When It Feels Like You’re Going Nowhere”; “A Message For The Ones Who Feel Defeated”… and others. Many have remained open for months. I’ve read them (via sites like No Sidebar, Tiny Buddha; Collective Hub etc and kept them open to revisit or ponder further.

One such article is a No Sidebar article called, The Secret to Curating a Life You Love.

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Book review: Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter

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Karin Slaughter is yet another of my favourite authors. As well as her popular Grant County and Will Trent series, she’s recently released a number of excellent standalone novels. Her latest, Pieces of Her is no different and will certainly appeal to her fans and newcomers alike.

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