WTF Wednesday: annoying gym-goers

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I’ve been going to a little gym near my workplace for just over a year now. I’ve written about my gym briefly in this blog and A LOT in my diet blog. It’s everything a gym should be: cheap and more importantly, handy.

When I’m good I’m very very good and I go each working day. When I’m not-so-good, I still go four days a week. Although, as this is my last working week for a while I can’t promise I won’t be frivolous and blow off a day or two.

Because it’s What The Fuck Wednesday, I’m going to have a little bitchy rant about what REALLY pisses me off at the gym.

Although my gym is cheap and handy (and staff tres professional) it has its drawbacks. Namely, the aerobic room is TINY.

Only 12 people can enrol in a class; 8 in a Pump (weights) class. It means one has to get there when the ‘books’ open 10 minutes before the class to get your name down, or miss out.

Of course the other issue with a teensy aerobic room is that the less-coordinated-amongst-us are prone to piss you off even more than usual.

I do Zumba twice a week with two serial offenders; the first of whom has absolutely NO RESPECT OR CONSIDERATION FOR THE PERSONAL SPACE OF OTHERS! (And yes, I am shouting!)

She goes about her Zumba moves with minimal interest in those around her, never looking behind as she moves backwards, or sideways as she dances sideways (and when I say ‘dances’ I’m using the term loosely – yes, I am in a bitchy mood!).

It pisses me off (even more so) cos I’m ridiculously concerned about those around me, always taking care to leap about on the spot rather than backward and run into the poor sucker behind me.

The other serial offender at my gym (and I’m sure other gyms have equally annoying species) is the uncoordinated person who just doesn’t care.

Now, I have no problem with those who are rhythmically challenged. I mean, not everyone can bust a move like me!!! But… this particular offender NEVER seems to care (or notice?!) that she’s constantly going in the opposite direction to everyone else. At first it was kinda cute, you know… someone who just can’t quite keep up or get the move. Until months in I realised that she doesn’t seem to care. She does entire dances starting on the wrong foot and going in the wrong direction. Again, it becomes a problem when she runs into the person next to her who IS going in the right direction.


I’ll have to leave my gym shortly, when I leave my workplace. I suspect that I’ll miss those annoying fellow aerobic class-goers in time. Although I’m pretty sure I’ll find others at my gym-to-be who’ll piss me off just as much!

Today I’m joining in with Five Frogs on a Blog and her What The Fuck Wednesday!

  • Michaela C
    September 19, 2012

    Hilarious! Wonder if you can sue for second-hand Zumba-based injury?!!!

    Thanks for being my first linky!!!

    IPhone tried to change that to kinky. Wtf???

    • Debbish
      September 19, 2012

      I’d love to sue the second person I talked about – she seriously pisses me off. I have Zumba today, so will have to control myself!


  • gold price
    September 22, 2012

    I’m at the gym at least twice a week, either attending a cardio class (there’s this Dance Cardio-X class that is SO ridiculous and SO much fun) or doing strength training. I’m lucky enough to have found an awesome workout buddy, Kate. The stars aligned when I met her at a party (through Sean, actually) and she told me she was a fellow Falls Churcher and was thinking about signing up at the same gym as me. Having someone that I’m accountable to meet with, whether it’s a friend or a personal trainer, has been integral in helping me establish a regular routine.

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