Wordless Wednesday: What if THIS is my life?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Permalink

I’ve talked before about the fact that my life is not as I had imagined. Growing up all I ever really wanted was a husband (love) and a family (well that plus fame and lots of money! #jokingnotjoking).

Instead I’ve had some interesting work opportunities (I was briefly a diplomat; I worked in developing countries and of course now there’s my pursue of…. well #whatevs). But, while I’ve (mostly) reconciled myself to life without a ‘better’ half and family I wonder if I’m still making the most of the hand I’ve been dealt.

Last night, as I settled in front of television with some not-too-cheap but not-too-expensive red wine and my current fave crispy chicken dish (having just finished an hour of reading in the bath) I contemplated my ‘lot’ in life.

And was struck by this thought.


I’m closing comments on this post and would prefer you ‘ponder’ ¬†this for yourself.

If where you’re at / what you’re doing is going to be FOREVER; will you have regrets?

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