Who am I?

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On Friday my yoga class participated in a meditation called, Who am I?

“It can be a bit confronting,” our instructor warned before we started.


It wasn’t particularly. In fact, it was a nice reminder of something I tend to dismiss when it’s far easier to wallow in self pity.

Essentially (I think) the meditation is aimed at allowing us to identify if there’s an aspect of ‘us’ which takes lead over the others; or perhaps it’s a reminder that we are complicated creatures. (Well that’s what I assume and we know I’m rarely wrong!)

Once blissed out, the first question put to us was:

Are you your body?

Thankfully cos I’ve seen this film before and know how it ends (!), I knew the answer was a resounding NO.

In all honesty (and seriousness) I immediately thought, “No, I’m not my body. I’m far more than my body.”

It’s something that I write about in my diet blog every so often – reminding myself not to see myself so negatively as my weight is just one (n0t-so-small 😉 ) aspect of who I am.

The questions went on and we were asked about our: mind, intuition, memories and energy field. And so on.

The ‘Who am I’ question was something I struggled with when I finished work about 10 months ago. Twenty years away from retirement age, but deciding on a seachange and career makeover I struggled far more than I expected with my post-work identity.

I realised I’d been defined by my work.

I was a community development officer; I was an aid worker; I was a diplomat; I was a project manager; I was an executive officer. As I wasn’t quite ready to call myself a ‘writer’ or even a ‘blogger’ I suffered an existential identity crisis of sorts, until I came to terms with my new world.

And now… it seems – at least to others – my life can be easily divided into concise compartments.

I’m trying to get the hang of LinkedIn (the Facebook for business peeps). I’m yet to properly edit the info I dumped in there or join groups and the like but what I’m loving is the ‘People You May Know’ (like Facebook’s suggested friends, but a bit more eclectic. At least in my case.).

I’m sure there’s some complicated algorithm involved, but my suggested ‘connections’ can seem fairly random.

I have, however, realised that LinkedIn offers me up four types of connections:

  • aid and development workers;
  • government peeps;
  • bloggers, journalists and writers; and/or
  • locals.

The latter is complicated as we on the Fraser Coast are lumped into Bundaberg region, which is almost 90mins away, so ‘locals’ aren’t always that.

linked inSo, my suggested connections include almost anyone from the Queensland Government; along with people who’ve worked for the UN; someone who writes online; or anyone within 200km.

It’s a bit like a vaguely-informed lucky dip. Instead of ‘Girl aged 12-15’, it’s: ‘Former international development and government project manager; now freelance writer and blogger based in Hervey Bay.’ 

I probably shouldn’t admit to this but occasionally if I can’t sleep I pull out my phone and open my LinkedIn App (well, after I’ve checked my emails, Twitter and Facebook) and I hit the “People You May Know” tab. It doesn’t help me sleep but entertains me during the witching hour… which is really all a gal can ask! Of course whether I hit the ‘add’ or ‘invite’ button depends on my mood. 😉

Are you on LinkedIn?
Are you offered random connections?
Feel free to find me there; as I’m obviously a discerning type of user! 


  • Sarah
    August 18, 2013

    I like the “who’s viewed your profile”; that’s interesting wondering why those people viewed. Some I view back, some I invite to connect, some I just wonder then forget! I’ve been to Hervey Bay & to the Turtle centre at Bundsberg. Bought some ginger beer here in UK last week; at treat after not had since 2006! Will come back one day maybe! My son just left there for Melbourne. I love Fraser Coast! 🙂 I’ll look up who my suggestions are & amused self too! I have never liked people judging me by asking me “what do you do?”, meaning what’s your job title , as if that’s all there is to us!

    • Debbish
      August 18, 2013

      I tend to forget about the ‘who’s viewed your profile’ bit, though it’s usually just people I’ve recently connected with (checking who I am or what I’m doing I guess!).

      Glad you love the Fraser Coast (saw you were following that Twitter account so I’ll try to keep sharing pics of our gorgeous vistas here!).


  • Jo Tracey
    August 19, 2013

    I now put writer on my customs declaration- even though it doesn’t (yet) earn me a full living. When asked last week if I was in Taiwan for business or pleasure, I replied “business- I’m a freelance travel writer”…even though I haven’t (yet) had any travel pieces published. I’m trying to do the whole be it and become it thing.

    • Debbish
      August 21, 2013

      Yes, I understand. I’ve struggled at ‘networking’ events with the ‘what do you do’ question. When I first finished work and started going to them I had no idea what to say so would talk about my redundancy. Now, though I talk about the writing stuff. But… I do still say that I’m just setting up my writing and blogging business – which is the truth unless I do something more proactive!

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