V. Day or D. Day?

Friday, February 14, 2014 Permalink

Last week I shared an insightful and instructional post for singles on how to deal with Valentine’s Day. I joked about anti-Valentine’s Day memes and since then have found a few that are quite funny.

So… for those who are a bit #meh about V.Day (well, not the one signifying the end of war, but the one involving flowers and chocolates ‘n’ stuff)… you’re welcome.






Source: fhdwallpaper.com




Thanks Sheldon!
Source: ibtimes.com

Happy Valentine’s Day!

PS. Do not mean to make light of any country’s Victory Day or wartime tragedies. I just love a catchy title.
PPS. It’s not all bad cos it’s the anniversary of my little car; and I did receive a gift and lovely card from my mum.

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