Book review: The Art of Wellbeing by Meredith Gaston

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I’ve read an enormous* number of non-fiction books lately. Particularly for someone who doesn’t read non-fiction. Including so-called ‘self-help’ or self-improvement type books.

And I really could not go past the chance to read this release by Meredith Gaston, an illustrator and author of five other books. It looked like…. something-I-must-have. And when it arrived I was even more enamoured as it’s absolutely stunning.

Book review: The Art of Wellbeing by Meredith GastonThe Art of Wellbeing: Inspirations from Nature for a Joyous Life
by Meredith Gaston
Published by Hardie Grant
on November 1st 2017
Source: Hardie Grant Books
Genres: Non-fiction
ISBN: 1743793510, 9781743793510
Pages: 240

A joyous and fulfilling life is built on a foundation of personal wellbeing and self care.

Feel energised, comforted and nourished by this inspirational collection of plant based recipes and meditations.

Be encouraged to blossom and life a live you love.

This is the perfect ‘gift’. However, be warned… I suspect people will buy it for someone, flick through it a little and be smitten – finding it impossible to wrap and pass on – instead needing to buy another copy so they can keep one within reach.

It’s a thing of beauty but it also offers a really useful information and tips. Without using a sledgehammer… so in a gentle and subtle way.

The book includes introductory notes to recipes, for heathens such as moi who struggles to know what tempeh is or buys things in jars (or frozen) out of laziness.

In fact it includes a cheat sheet of sorts for approaching the book: Ten steps for cultivating wellbeing in daily life. Cynics such as yours truly will appreciate that most are common sense, not rocket science. Or alternative facts.

Instead they include: choosing joy, loving the earth, simplifying, moving, resting, self care and so forth.

It’s a sign of things to come as the book’s divided into: four key elements. From the blurb:

Divided into four chapters – Nourish, Comfort, Energise and Blossom – Meredith takes the reader on a beautiful journey to find peace, calm, vitality and healthfulness. Through restorative, plant-based recipes, meditations, yoga practice and other healthful ideas, this book draws on nature to guide us to good health in both mind and body. Meredith’s whimsical, heartfelt illustrations bring these ideas to life, animating a mind-set of happiness and sensitivity, and finding beauty and magic in your daily routine.

Now I know regular readers are aghast that I’m considering anything other than caramello koalas or brownies for breakfast, however… as hopefully you’ve gleaned from my (very slow, almost snail-like evolution) I’m realising the importance of balance. My ‘diet’ isn’t as good as it could or should be. And I recognise that.

I’ve talked a little about the fact I need to eat a lot of protein post-weightloss surgery. And I do prioritise it. My mum still doesn’t get that (in my brave new world) I’m prepared to sacrifice potatoes, rice and pasta at mealtimes, to focus on protein…. and be able to later eat some chocolate. See… balance! 🙂

So, although I’m probably not going to activate my nuts any time soon (NB. not a euphemism), I do enjoy legumes and can easily introduce more into my diet. (Note to self to make old fave: chickpea, tomato and feta salad!)

However, given my angsty work / life history you’ll also know I’m trying to live more in the moment; to wallow less in the past and worry less about the future. My yoga practice has slipped over the past six months but I’m still a big fan of meditation and it’s something I’d like to better incorporate into my day.

The book also includes advice in relation to nourishing beauty items, how to soothe sensory overload (HELL YES!!!), reminding ourselves to make mealtimes special, remembering that self-care and enjoyable movement are essential are all things we need to heed; as well as a stack of meditation suggestions.

Indeed, I’m planning to actually work through the different meditations and visualisations included as I currently struggle with both and am keen to find something that really resonates.

And then there are a gazillion recipes, including ones that appeal (even) to me! From smoothies to risottos to desserts and puddings.

And all of it beautifully illustrated. Gorgeously uplifting pictures. (This was one book I was not allowed to read in the bath!)

Not only will its content please the health-conscious and the wish-they-were-more-health conscious, but the beauty of this hard copy (great quality) book is something to behold. It would make the most perfect gift as it’d be hard to find someone who couldn’t get something out of it.

The Art of Wellbeing by Meredith Gaston will be published in Australia by Hardie Grant Books on 1 November 2017.

* At least 3-4. Which is a lot of non-fiction reading for me!

I received a copy of this GORGEOUS book from the publisher for review purposes.


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