If 2020 was a Christmas Tree

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Anyone who knows me knows I’m very bah-humbug about Christmas. I’m not Scrooge-like exactly but the entire thing leaves me kinda cold. Perhaps it’s because here in Australia we’re far from the traditional images we see on television of snow and crackling fires. Here – increasingly – Aussies are more about prawns on the BBQ or seafood by the beach.

As as I’m not big on Christmas food (turkey, plum puddings, or seafood), Easter is my festive season of choice. Cos, well… chocolate. Though I’m not sure Christians would agree, but whatevs.

I rarely even bother decorating. I think when my niece was young I made more of a thing of it, but often it’s just been my mother and I, or my parents and I. And I’ve had a few alone as well.

I’ve never actually bought a Christmas tree as NOTHING could replace the tinsel tree of my childhood. So… why bother? I keep planning to do something artistic and save pictures on Pinterest, but don’t usually ever get around to it. Until this year.

My brother, niece, my sister-in-law and her parents, as well as my mother, are coming to my place for Christmas Day. Had they been staying for a few days I might have gotten more carried away, but I’ll really only have people here for Christmas lunch itself so I decided to attempt something a bit edgier and more interesting. This is the type of Christmas tree I’d envisaged:

christmas tree

christmas tree

You’d think I would have learned my lesson from past experiences. But no.

Of course I couldn’t be bothered removing my wire fairy lights from the plant that houses them or thinking about ‘matching’ decorations, so my version looks a little like this….

christmas tree rope wall

A 2020 version of what was in my head most certainly. But I’m sure once a few presents gather around it – well, the wall – it’ll be fine.

Do you do Christmas in a big way? Any artistic or creative Christmas decorations?

** Links to ‘pretty’ trees if you click on the pic.

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  • Jo
    December 28, 2020

    I love this! I’m a fan of decorating…in moderation. I have little pockets of it through the house. Even last year when we were going to be in England for Christmas we left the house decorated for our house sitters. Your tree looks perfect. Oh, and happy birthday!

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