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I’d planned to blog every day in March. And well… that hasn’t quite gone as I’d hoped. But it means today – out of guilt – I’m here writing something…. anything and not only because a reminder I set myself has been popping up on my phone and computer hourly since Tuesday.

Actually, yes that might be the reason.

Anyhoo… I’ve got 10 minutes, so I figure I’ll go with the elephant in the room…



Someone mentioned on Twitter that they were worried people were panicking about the wrong things when it came to this – newly classified – pandemic. Madly buying toilet paper and hand sanitiser. I had to agree as we’re already seeing impacts on business and the economy. On entire industries and those employed by them.

Although I don’t read science fiction or fantasy I do watch A LOT of dystopian-like television shows. Never fear I’m not catastrophising, but it’s not the obvious stuff that sends the human race down the gurgler. I mean, sure… the robots take over in The Terminator, zombies in Walking Dead (etc), nuclear bombs in The 100. But other shows, like Revolution and The Continuum it’s the stuff WE do that results in our demise.

I recently re-watched Revolution… a futuristic show about what happens after the power goes off (forever). And it’s not just that our complete way of living is turned on its head, rather it’s the anarchy that follows. I’d normally shrug that off…. but then I see people in supermarkets fighting over toilet paper…

But back to the problem at hand. I’ve been pretty flippant about the coronavirus, but then read the accounts of how quickly cases escalate and the fact that the health system could struggle to keep up. I know – for many – it’s not going to be a big issue… but for others, for older people, those with underlying illnesses it very well could be.

A few of us were joking on Twitter yesterday about how it would perhaps be better to ‘catch’ it now… while numbers were low and resources available to assist, rather than weeks or months time when the system is under more pressure. But I gather there’s a commitment to ‘flattening the curve’ which I think means if we delay a spike in numbers we’ll be better prepared to deal with it. Or something.

Social distancing and panic-buying

When the media talks about people self-isolating for two weeks I try to imagine what I’ll need and it’s almost impossible. If I buy two weeks’ supply of chocolate, I’ll eat it in a day. Same with other treats like corn chips. Weirdly just a month or so ago I’d decided I’d try to be a bit healthier so bought several big tubs of protein powder (it was on sale). So… if it all goes to hell in a handbasket I can probably survive on my Isowhey shakes using long life milk for a couple of weeks.

Of course, it won’t only be two weeks. It may be longer. I’d be contented with online shopping and home delivery but I suspect everyone will think the same thing and it may not be an option.

Anyhoo…. I’m actually going shopping today. I’m not planning on doing any bulk-buying, although I do love Red Tulip chocolate bunnies and I’m a little worried others may panic-buy them and there’ll be none left at Easter.

Are you zen about Coronavirus? Petrified, or somewhere in between? 

  • Natalie
    March 12, 2020

    I stay vigilant and continue with my day as usual. I usually go out during the day when most people are at work so no crowd issue with or without the virus. No panic buying where I live yet. Have fun with your chocolate shopping! #lovin’lifelinky

    • Debbish
      March 12, 2020

      We had toilet-paper and handwash panic-buying. I went shopping today and there was some toilet paper however so perhaps people have come to their senses.

      I caught up with a friend this morning and as I said to her, I live alone and work from home. My outings are sporadic at best though obviously I just trudged around a shopping centre and found myself doing stuff like putting my shopping list in my mouth when I went to load my basket! 🙂

  • leannelc
    March 12, 2020

    Hi Deb – I’m a bit blasé about the whole Corona virus thing – I think if people were sensible and stayed home if they’ve been overseas somewhere “risky” and the rest of us washed our hands after being at the shops, we’d probably all be fine. The flu has been killing the elderly for a long time and I think this has just been blown out of proportion by the media. And don’t get me started on the idiots buying up the toilet paper!! I also noticed that there was no flour and very little sugar yesterday (are they all planning on eating cake when we run out of food?) but across the aisle there was enough cooking oil to keep a small country frying for weeks! It’s all too weird for me – but the loo paper situation had better settle down soon or I’ll be using gum leaves!

    • Debbish
      March 12, 2020

      I actually have three toilets at my house (why it was built that way I don’t know!!!) and each has several rolls so I’ve been fairly relaxed about the toilet paper issue. I’m more conscious of running out of wine and chocolate over a two (+) week period. Of course, that could be a good thing… I do have all of my Isowhey shakes (and must admit to just buying another two long life skim milks) so….

  • Jess
    March 12, 2020

    I have been pretty relaxed about it particularly as kids seem to be the least affected. What scares me most is the way everyone has way over reacted and gone nuts. I am not entirely sure what they are scared of most getting sick or everyone else going nuts? I mean if we all just keep on keeping on and practice good hygiene it doesn’t have to be this madness but seems others have different ideas.

    • Debbish
      March 13, 2020

      I guess it’s the fall-out that worries me. It seems kids are minimally affected and recover. I think I saw a stat that said there were no deaths under 30 but that might have just been one country (and the same place only had 2 under 50).

  • Shelley
    March 13, 2020

    Oh you’re lucky Deborah, we have resorted to paper towel this morning LOL!
    Next, the sewage system will go out and we won’t be able to get anyone to fix it!
    No, all good really, the young lass from our local IGA rang to tell me she had put 2 packs of loo paper aside for me just now (it’s expected to last until Tuesday) Ha! No roughage for this family!
    Have a wonderful day

    • Debbish
      March 14, 2020

      Oh yes, I’m certainly lucky on the toilet paper front. I live a bit out of town and have a septic system rather than sewerage so am supposed to be very careful about what goes down my drains!

      I hope you get to stock up soon!

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