5 ways I plan to bring the holiday vibe back home

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I talked a little about this while still on my recently holiday… the fact that there were so many moments I attempted to commit to memory so that I’d have comfort on the long hard cold winter nights after I returned to the stark fun-free desert that is Australia. (Joking obvs… cos it’s almost summer here!)

There were moments, but there were also experiences. And ‘things’. Things that – I realised – I could actually be doing in my everyday life.

And though I’m only partially talking about having prosecco at lunch every day, I don’t entirely mean that. Ahem, mostly.

It occurred to me that I needed to think about what it was about those moments that enraptured me so.

I commented in last week’s post that I wanted to inject some of that holiday vibe into my everyday life, but in reality and – the cold hard truth – is that I want my life to be more bloody fun. I want moments that I want to treasure in my day to day life. Things or happenings. Many of which (I realise) I must create.

So, here is my carefully curated list of ‘stuff I want to do’ now I’m back in the real world in an attempt to have life not feel as if it’s just some tedious thing we traverse while waiting for the fun to start.

1. Dining out

I have to admit, I tend to think dining out too regularly to be frivolous. And yes, I know it makes no sense for me think those breakfasting out everyday must be exceedingly wealthy (or irresponsible) when I fritter money away on junk food and (usually) not-cheap wine.

In reality, it’s not really (just) the money – it’s because it feels frivolous; like something one’s not supposed to do.

Yet on holidays I dined out at least daily when on my own. And sure I played a little on my phone, but I also people-watched and just took a moment to enjoy life. (And the fruits of my labour… kinda.)

So I’m thinking of instituting a ‘dine out once weekly’ ritual now I’m back home.

2. Doing stuff 

Yes, I know I complained about HAVING to do stuff on my holiday but my life is a bit all or nothing. (And I know that won’t surprise you!) When I first moved to the Fraser Coast I made an effort to do stuff and go to things. I started a local blog at the time and felt some sense of obligation to share / write about things. But apathy set in and as I became more localised I also stopped doing things.

On my holiday I tried to find a balance between playing tourist and just soaking up the atmosphere. Playing tourist meant pushing myself out of my hermit-like comfort zone and doing stuff. And… for the most part, I enjoyed it: the doing of stuff.

3. Doing nothing

And yes, I know this is the antithesis of the previous point but they’re kinda complementary in the way that minimalists like to talk about clearing space and clutter (literally and metaphorically) to free up your time for other stuff.

For reasons I don’t fully understand I haven’t allowed myself to read or watch TV during the day since I left full-time employment in late 2012. (Not even on weekends.)

Interestingly though, when my mother talks about daytime naps, or watching TV etc I tell her she’s got every right to. She’s retired and allowed to fill her days frivolously.

Obviously there’s some mindfuck thing going on in which I haven’t ‘earned’ the right to frivolously do nothing (watch TV / read) when I feel like I SHOULD be working. Or writing. Or something. I need to work on that because even I don’t think it’s entirely logical.

4. Walking (or perhaps wandering)

I walked everywhere while in Italy. It wasn’t all pleasant and the Milan train step incident (of which we shall speak no more) combined with lugging a suitcase up and down stairs is something I won’t miss. But I very much enjoyed the ‘wandering’.

I mentioned in almost every post I wrote about each city that the aimless wandering was my favourite thing.

As an adult ‘walking’ can be mostly about exercise, rather than getting to a place (cos hello, why walk when you can drive or catch transport of some kind?!).

But I live in a lovely part of the world. I have beaches on my doorstep, great esplanade walking tracks and a pier I loved to walk so I need to get back onto that.

5. Make my world feel like it’s a place I want to be

I mentioned in my Tuscany post how much I loved the architecture and decor there. However (sorry to those who’ve attempted it) it can look a bit naff to transplant a Tuscan style villa into the Australian setting. (Or perhaps you just need the right landscape, and suburbia isn’t it?!)

Anyhoo, there were other elements of the decor and that I’d like to replicate – elements that made it feel warm and inviting, luxuriant and tranquil. And that’s something I’ve also started pondering…. but more on that in another post!

Any suggestions to give everyday life more of a holiday vibe? (Or at least make it seem more enjoyable!?)

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  • writeofthemiddle
    October 11, 2018

    Those are five good things to try and incorporate into your everyday life Deb! My goodness that ‘dining out’ photo has me yearning to head over to Italy right now!! I need to do more ‘doing stuff’ too but I need it well balanced with ‘doing nothing’. I’m too much of a homebody sometimes I think! At least I’ve got two trips away coming up to break the long drought! #TeamLovinLife

    • Debbish
      October 12, 2018

      Yes, it was such a treat! Weird I’ve had two holidays this year and none for so long before that. It might be a while again, but that’s okay… this one will sustain me for a while.

  • leannelc
    October 11, 2018

    It’s funny, I just said to my husband last night that there’s not much in my life that I think of as fun and look forward to. I go to work, I do lots of “stuff” because I should or because I committed to it, but I don’t smile when I think about it. So I’m pondering along similar lines and need to work out what (besides doing nothing – I do enjoy that) I can include in my life that is fun and I can look forward to each week.

    • Debbish
      October 12, 2018

      That used to be a huge problem for me Leanne when I worked full-time previously – my life was work, coming home (and not wanting to see anyone or do anything), then the night / weekend would be over and it’d start again. My part-time working life after my seachange was great in that respect, but of course I’ve had this full-time gig for the last year. It’s finished now so guess it’s timely for me to make some changes.

  • Lilian Magill
    October 11, 2018

    Love this post. We dine out usually once a week, because it gives us both the night off. I cook, he washes up, so…
    Doing nothing. As a writer, you are supposed to read as well, so reading during the day is good. TV nope, not a lot at night either, to much to read. Walking, always but we haven’t beaches nearby, so we walk around the streets. We have, since October 2018 tried to get away for a shot break at least every month. Two or three nights somewhere different of to see an exhibition and we come back recharged. So your list is great, go for it.
    Hugs Lilian

    • Debbish
      October 12, 2018

      Thanks Lillian and I love your attempts at balance – they sound wonderful. Walking is great and I need to get back into that – just getting outside more would be great…

      I even took myself out for lunch yesterday in an attempt to start implementing the plan!

  • Jo
    October 11, 2018

    Perfect post holiday post. We came back determined to bring more of France into our lives – this is a reminder that I’ve slipped a lot. Especially lately when I truly feel like I’m drowning. I think a concerted effort to regain that vibe is what is needed.

    • Debbish
      October 12, 2018

      Ah yes… the other post hovering in my drafts folder is one about how I didn’t like the person I’d become over the weeks before I finished work and went on my holiday. It’s that age-old thing about the need to earn money (and desire to have more and more things and security) with freedom. I hate that they seem to be so mutually exclusive for me!

    • Debbish
      October 12, 2018

      PS. My new tablecloth is meant to be a constant reminder of the holiday vibe and to STOP and SLOW DOWN!!!

  • Sanch @ Sanch Writes
    October 11, 2018

    I desperately need a holiday so I’m not one to give you advice on that but I think you’re spot on with a lot of those. I think exploring your local area is always a good thing — there’s always new things to find. And eating out on your own occasionally is great. I do love going to one of my favourite cafes for breakfast once a fortnight. The only other holiday thing I do especially in warm weather is going to the beach!

    • Debbish
      October 12, 2018

      I’m a fan of breakfast / brunch out as well Sanch and somehow got out of that habit. I live a bit out of town and most of my friends are coupled up so dinners out aren’t common but I’m more than happy to take myself out for brekkie or lunch (and did in fact go out for lunch after I posted this yesterday!).

  • Kathy Marris
    October 11, 2018

    I always return from a holiday with post holiday blues, because my life seems so lack lustre compared to travelling. I know how you feel guilty about doing leisure types activities when you feel like you should be doing something productive. I always feel guilty when I’m not productive. I think the good thing about travel is that it does change us in some small way and implementing even a small part of the holiday into our everyday lives is achievable. Give yourself a break and go for it!

    • Debbish
      October 12, 2018

      I’m definitely planning to try Kathy. I lunched out yesterday and bought myself some new plants today (was SUPPOSED to buy pots, but meh) – which is part of the no. 5 on the list!

  • Anne @ Let Me Be Free
    October 11, 2018

    As soon as I hit the beach I feel like I am on holiday!

    • Debbish
      October 12, 2018

      I used to live across the road from it and didn’t head over there enough. I’m a few minutes drive away now so really must make more of an effort. I enjoy it when I go there for a walk and LOVE looking out over the ocean. I think that’s why I lived parts of Italy… I love the view more than the beach itself so if I was sitting atop a cliff overlooking the ocean it’d be perfect. (And in some ways I kinda am… on a hill with ocean views!)

  • Patrick Weseman
    October 12, 2018

    Those are super great things to do. Love it. #LivinLifeLinky

  • Jodie
    October 12, 2018

    I love how you want to make life as good as vacation this way, Deb.
    We definitely try to do the eat out once a week thing. It’s just a nice way to not have to plan, cook or clean up!
    As for the do nothing…I need more practice at that. That’s why I’m off to my knitting retreat this weekend….

    • Debbish
      October 12, 2018

      Oh the knitting retreat sounds lovely Jodie – there’s something delicious in pursuing a passion and I need to give myself permission to do that more I think!

  • Leanne Shea Langdown
    October 12, 2018

    Wanderings and brunch outings sound good to me! I love wandering around Canberra to give me the feeling I’m actually experiencing something new each week. Plus morning teas or brunch outings at least one a fortnight are a must for me. With friends or clients of course. But sometimes, just with a good book. xoxo

    • Debbish
      October 12, 2018

      I never really think of taking a book out to read but then again I don’t work at cafes either. I usually feel envious of Jo T when she’s out at a cafe working but now there’s nothing to stop me doing that!

  • Sydney Shop Girl
    October 12, 2018

    Taking notes as I’m just home from a holiday / work trip myself. I’m also blogging about my happy memories and planning next year’s trips!

    SSG xxx

  • Natalie
    October 13, 2018

    These 5 ways are all great, Deb. I hope you get to include them in your day and extend the holiday feelings. I try to include them in my days for sure. #teamlovinlife

    • Debbish
      October 14, 2018

      So many of them seem like no-brainers don’t they? I’m not sure how I (we) get out of the habit of doing them or defer them thinking other things are more important!

  • Jan Wild
    October 15, 2018

    I love this Deb as I think we all experience the same feelings. Even if you only put one of those ideas into practice it will make a huge difference. Definitely taking yourself out even just for a coffee would be a great way to start, not too challenging or expensive. I look forward to hearing how you go with this.

    • Debbish
      October 16, 2018

      I’ve started on a few things I hope will help – I just need to keep them up!

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