Being stuck or moving on?

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One of the reasons I got rid of my diet blog (ie. the blog formerly known as Diet Schmiet!) was because I felt like I was stuck. Worse still, I felt trapped.

When I was ‘dieting’ successfully it was fine. I could write about my losses and my world was focussed around dieting and weightloss. I knew better even then – having already lost and gained 10, 20 and 30kg again and again… but each time I hoped things will be different. You know… “This will be the last time!”

Who knows, maybe I’m even doing that now?! But – thankfully I’ve given up on the quick fix.

Over the past two years I’ve tried to really move on from my obsession with dieting, bingeing and my body. Sure, I’ve gained weight but what really exhausted me was the fact that I felt I had to keep explaining myself in Diet Schmiet. The blog was all-me but the content was keeping me stuck.


I recently read a post in the Green Mountain at Fox Run blog, A Weight Lifted about this very issue. About getting stuck. Lisa (behaviour therapist at GMFR) suggests our need to over-explain and keep the conversation going (about our weight etc) means that we stay focussed on the problem, rather than the solution.

It hit home.

albert_einstein_imperfection _1949

I’ve made some changes. Manoevuering myself out of my comfy Diet Schmiet bathrobe was just one step. I felt like I was writing about the same stuff. Again and again. And I was getting nowhere. I could link almost every post to another post about the same issue. I talked about things that I KNEW the answers to but wasn’t able to (or failed to) act on them.

I wrote recently about my focus on non-scale victories. My weightloss on Weight Watchers has been super slow, but (dare I say it?!) I’m actually feeling better. Once upon a time I would have quit a million times before now (given the slow results) but, I’m trying to do things differently.

But it’s more than the health and fitness stuff. My post before last reminded me I’ve been talking for a year about my need to pursue business opportunities more aggressively (or you know… at all!)  and I’m yet to do it.

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I LOVE my Jennifer Polle recordings and her words are really sinking in. I know (I KNOW) what I have to do. I’m not quite sure how I’ll set about doing it yet, but I’m going to try to minimise the ‘woe is me, my life is fucked’ whining and be the problem-solver I am in other aspects of my life.

Do you ever find yourself ‘stuck’? Talking about the same things again and again? Or over-explaining?
Do you too need to move on and become more solutions-focused? 

  • Jo Tracey
    February 13, 2014


  • Satu
    February 13, 2014

    I’ve certainly been very stuck in my life and I even have a book I bought a years ago: The Comfort Trap: Or What if You’re riding a dead horse? 😀

    I’ve actually thought about the same thing lately – whether my effort to “work hard” on my eating issues is helping or hindering me. I think it might be hindering me more than helping so I’ve focused on just doing the right actions (trying to eat a reasonable diet) than blogging about it. And writing about weight loss is rather boring too, there are millions of interesting things I can write about on BC.

    • Debbish
      February 14, 2014

      I always enjoy your posts Satu because you often focus on the solutions. (You effortlessly reference studies and literature and best practice in a way that we all understand!)

  • Jess
    February 13, 2014

    Haha I am with Jo, YES! So much easier dwelling on woe is me isnt it… too easy perhaps. I think this is an exciting time for you.

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