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I’ve taken to visiting my mother outside of official hospital visiting hours.

Although she’s only lived in my childhood hometown for 49 years – so not officially a ‘local’* – she has a gazillion friends from her many and varied activities who all converge on her hospital room throughout the day.

She’s recovering well from a hip replacement operation she had this week and when she’s released next week I’ll be on mother-sitting duties for a while.

hsopLate yesterday we were watching the local news as she scoffed her fish and chips. (She’s pleasantly surprised by the quality of food she’s being served up. She is – however – in a private hospital… so I guess that’s to be expected.)

I was in recovery mode, having finally gotten word that I didn’t get a local part-time job which was (seemingly) perfectly suited to my skills and experience. It wasn’t something mindless – as originally desired – rather something that was similar to much of the work I’d done in the past.

After venting and much cursing… #mofo featured prominently in case you were wondering, I was getting past the anger and the “Why the fuck not?” to some sort of slightly maudlin acceptance of the perceived rejection. (Plus I’d written about it all, which helps.)

Anyhoo, a story appeared on the local news about a man who’d lost the use of his legs and who was desperately looking for a job. I missed the beginning of the piece (and cannot find it ANYWHERE after much googling!) but the vision showed the determination of the man in question, who was (by his car) in his wheelchair on the side of a busy street with a sign saying “Work Wanted” or similar.

Oh shit, that’s what I’m doing wrong,” I said to my mother and we discussed whether I was (as yet) sufficiently desperate motivated to prepare a “Will work for food”** sign and wave down traffic.

In the end we decided it probably wouldn’t work. I drive a little Mercedes Benz which I suspect – despite the sign – would engender little sympathy for my plight. I already struggle in my conversations with people when trying to explain I can’t afford yoga classes, a new phone or regular dinners out***. Particularly if they know where I live or what I drive.

I do joke sometimes that – if I get really desperate (to pay my upcoming exorbitant rates or body corporate fees) I can always hock my car and downsize. Although I would have to be really desperate.

Perhaps I’ll actually start trying to sell my writing, blogging and social media services first. (As originally planned, but not yet actioned.)

Have you ever been cash poor but asset rich(ish)?
Do you think I should make a sign?

*   I, however, am local – having been born there. Them’s the rules folks.
** Joking. Unless you make really good brownies.
***And yes, I do know that yoga classes, a new iPhone and dinner out aren’t life’s essentials. 😉

  • Satu
    July 13, 2013

    I’m glad your mom is doing well. Hip replacement isn’t some minor surgery!

    I don’t really remember a time when I’ve been cash rich, so I have no trouble understanding what you’re going through at all… Am I asset rich? No idea, I guess it depends on who is asking.

    That said, you may not need a sign but you might need a website for portraying the services you offer – nothing complicated, just something that tells what you do and maybe some work samples. Then you can refer your clients to your website if they want to know more.

    • Debbish
      July 14, 2013

      I have developed a website for my business Satu though do need to do some additional work on it if I want to use it to better promote my wares. At the moment it’s just a static page with links to my blogs and LinkedIn profile but I wanted to create tabs and detail for each type of activity I offer. (deborahcookonline.com)

      But, you’re right. I’m being very half-hearted about the ‘having my own business’ thing and I either need to forget about it (and stop feeling guilty I’m not pursuing anything) or actually bloody well do it!


  • Mel
    July 14, 2013

    It’s good to hear that your Mum is doing well.
    Here’s one way to look at it; not currently being employed means you can spend more time with her while she’s in hospital and then when she’s recuperating, so it’s kinda a win!
    If it really does get to the desperate I think you should use glitter & coloured pens when making your ‘will work for brownies’ sign! 😉

    • Debbish
      July 15, 2013

      Oh… a collage complete with glitter and stuff. I bloody love the idea! I will most-certainly stand out from the crowd! 😉

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