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Did you miss me last week? Lately I’ve only managed to write one non-bookish post a week – on Thursday’s for the Lovin’ Life link-up I’m a part of. And last week I failed at that. (Despite having something drafted.)

In reality I’m a little ‘all over the place’, which those who follow me on social media have had a front row seat to, but I do have an excuse for last week’s absence, as I had an early morning job interview.

So instead of sharing one of the insightful and interesting posts wallowing in my drafts folder, I thought I’d do a check-in of sorts. 

I have a job!

I have a temporary full-time job! It’s been on the cards for a few weeks and I have to say there’s NOTHING like the stress of uncertainty for a control-freak.

Anyhoo, it works out well as I’m in Brisbane cat-sitting for another week, so I get to start the job here (head office for training and induction and stuff) next week and then return home to the Fraser Coast where I start the job. Interestingly it’s again in my mother’s home-town which is 30mins (40kms or so) from the town in which I live, so she’ll have the pleasure of my company for a night or two each week again to save me some driving.

Small town girl in a big town world – logistics and apathy

There have been several book-ish events on in Brisbane while I’m here and I’d intended to go to some. But, I must confess to being overwhelmed at the logistics of being back in the city. I lived here in Brisbane for a long time and know the inner city area pretty well, but now it feels really overwhelming. The idea of having to drive across town reminds me of how I thought of Melbourne or Sydney, back when I lived in Brisbane.

I must confess I’m a little ashamed of the overwhelm… though at the same time it’s a nice reminder that I’m happy with my seachange decision and have adapted to the slower pace and less frenetic lifestyle.

I’m trying to remember if I struggled to ‘fit-in’ to life in Hervey Bay when I first moved (back) there over six years ago. I’m sure when I returned home (when at University or working) I really couldn’t imagine living back on the Fraser Coast, and yet… here (there) I am!

Blogging buddies

I did however get myself to a catch-up with some blogging buddies yesterday. The idea was mooted a few weeks ago and (for a change) I happened to be in town when it was happening so I got to go. Logistics-be-damned!


Body shaming

I was interested in this clip Minnie Driver put on Instagram. As someone who’s been overweight for a loooong time (after a short time of being underweight) I tend to think of fat-shamers as much worse than thin-shamers.

I mean… rarely do you hear anyone say they’d like to be overweight and if given a choice (between the two vs ‘ideal’ weight most people might choose to be underweight, but still… a friend and I had actually been talking about Minnie Driver’s thinness the other day – a result of a photo she posted prior to this. Of course, I’d never actually put a comment on someone’s post saying so, but I guess I’m guilty of thinking it and having the conversation. And I should I realise (better than most!) someone’s body and health is no one’s business but their own!

  • leannelc
    February 7, 2019

    Hi Deb! Congrats again on the job and I know what you mean about being in the city – we’ve lived in a coastal town for the last 30 years and going to Perth freaks me out now – and don’t get me started about going into the city! I did appreciate Brisbanes free ferries though – a very stress free (and cost free!!) way to get around – beats taxis and hire cars any day. Lovely to meet you yesterday and good luck with the new job – I think it’s going to lead to good things for you xx

    • Debbish
      February 7, 2019

      Maybe only the cross-river ferries are free Leanne as I think the others (the City Cats) you pay for – like buses or trains.

      I used a combination of Uber and ferries to get to and from lunch tomorrow but next week while I’m working in town I’ll be bussing. (Thought I think I’ll need to drive to the bus stop and hopefully find some parking!)

      Thanks re the job and it was lovely to finally meet you yesterday.

  • Natalie
    February 7, 2019

    Congratulations on your new job, Deb! I love that blogging buddy photo as I read all five blogs. Thanks for sharing it. #teamlovinlife

    • Debbish
      February 7, 2019

      Yes, it was great to catch up yesterday. I’d met Jo and Min before (several times) and had caught up with other bloggers and some of the guys yesterday had met separately but it’s always hard to get people together in one place. It worked out well that I was actually in the city for a change!

  • Min Write of the Middle
    February 7, 2019

    Really enjoyed our bloggy catch up yesterday Deb. It was fabulous to meet Leanne in person wasn’t it? I had already met everyone else in person before but loved seeing you all again. I’m so excited for you about the job. It’s wonderful news! It takes a lot of the pressure and worry off you and it’s great you’re in Brisbane for induction/training etc before heading home to start work there (well nearby). Hopefully it will lead to bigger and better things *fingers crossed*! BTW – I get overwhelmed by the city too. I like a quieter life these days. I hadn’t seen the Minnie Driver thingy – good on her for biting back! #TeamLovinLife

    • Debbish
      February 7, 2019

      I felt bad about the Minnie Driver thing cos I’d looked at a couple of recent photos and then had a conversation with a friend about her. And I guess that’s kinda natural… we talk about people behind their backs (say both good and bad things); but I gather she’d gotten a lot of flack re her previous photo that caused her to post that. I notice Celine Dion has recently had to say something similar.

  • Johanna
    February 7, 2019

    Best of luck with the new job Deb, I hope it’s just what you’re after. I know what you mean about getting overwhelmed leaving the sanctuary of our little corner of the unhassled world for the big city. I’m the same. I never thought I’d say that ! But I think we just get used to the rhythms and auto pilot of things in our comfort zone. So glad you met up with other bloggers recently and had a nice lunch – I had FOMO!

    • Debbish
      February 7, 2019

      Yes, it’s always lovely to catch up with like-minded people. There aren’t too many bloggers in my little part of the world.

  • Denyse Whelan
    February 7, 2019

    Loved seeing the catch up pics. Nothing better!

    I prided myself on driving in and around Sydney since I was 17. Now 52 later (and living away for 4 years) it totally ANNOYS me that some of the road ways have changed and I miss some of the routes I knew well. To counter this last year I got myself an Opal card and caught buses when I was staying at camperdown on two occasions pre-surgery and then got on a ferry and enjoyed seeing the city from a non-driver’s view. However, I have set a goal of coming down JUST to be a tourist and one day I will be doing that again. I want to see Barangaroo as I saw it in fledgling stage in 2014.

    So good about the job and I hope the pace and scope of it works well for you. Mum will love having her regular over-nighter and will spoil you I am sure.

    Denyse x

    • Debbish
      February 7, 2019

      Ah yes, I don’t think mum minds me staying over too much and it’s a good chance for us to catch up.

      Fortunately the inner city is much the same but I got lost coming into town as I can’t quite work out the tunnels and entrance to Brisbane from the north! (I get something wrong every time! And it’s my own fault cos I try to take the tunnels as a short cut instead of going the old / long way!)

  • Jo
    February 7, 2019

    Congrats again on the job & so good to see you yesterday…and yep, I get that whole overwhelm crossing town thing. Sometimes it’s just all too hard.

    • Debbish
      February 7, 2019

      I’ve been trying to remember if I kinda felt that way even when I lived here. I think I always did the essential driving and it seemed natural (I even drove to work in Fortitude Valley each day for most of my last year in Brisbane) but I think I was always a bit apathetic about having to drive ‘across town’. (Although I say the same thing now about the 10kms I drive from my place into Hervey Bay (and there’s minimal traffic and it’s 100km/hr or 80km/hr the whole way!)

  • janretiringnotshy
    February 7, 2019

    Great news on the job front.
    And I think it is perfectly natural to feel overwhelmed and a bit uncomfortable in a big City after being somewhere more low key. I am inclined to push through those feelings but if you are happy not to then whose business is it except yours.

    • Debbish
      February 7, 2019

      I’m heading across town to my old stomping ground of Bulimba tomorrow but I’ve kinda been adamant with friends that I don’t want to trek all about town etc… I don’t mind public transport now as a novelty but suspect having to catch it everyday next week will drag!

  • Sydney Shop Girl
    February 8, 2019

    Congrats on the job, Deb!!!!

    SSG xxx

    • Debbish
      February 9, 2019

      Thanks so much. I start Monday and suspect full-time will be a bit of a shock to the system after a few months off!

  • Janet Camilleri
    February 16, 2019

    Wish I could have joined you for the bloggy lunch …

    • Debbish
      February 17, 2019

      You’ll have to come next time. I commented that we never seem to get everyone together at the same time. I know a few of the others have caught up at various times when I’m not in town and I was lucky I was here when Leanne was over from WA to make it. It’s hard when others work or have their own business (or are at one of the coasts etc).

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