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Blogger Melly tagged me in her latest post. I met Melly (online) through my dieting world but her posts are always really interesting (and varied!). She is a real foodie and I’m constantly impressed by her own cooking as well as the pictures she takes while dining out. She’s also hugely into fashion and knowledgeable about designers and stuff. Which I’m not (though possibly once was. A bit). We have a similar taste in TV shows, but I must confess my music tastes are far more pedestrian!

Anyhoo… having been awarded a ‘lovely blog’ award by Miss Melly, I’m supposed to be offering up seven random facts about myself. I’ve done something similar before (here and here), and tend to over-share anyway, so thinking of new stuff to share could be a stretch! But here goes:

  • I spend a lot of time alone and I (mostly) don’t have a problem with it. I know others who could not possibly stay at home all weekend without having outside plans or organised activities, but I am most-excellent at entertaining myself. (It’s a bit of a family trait in fact!)
  • I’m really short-sighted and cannot do anything without my glasses or my contact lenses. (And I hate myself in glasses, so only wear them at home, or if desperate!)
  • I’m quite capable of eating the same thing for the same meals day after day (after day after day).
  • I generally do several things at once, but CANNOT (and will not) do something other than eat / drink when I’m watching TV. My mother reads magazines or does crosswords while watching TV and I don’t get this. I’m either focussed and watching, or the TV’s off.
  • Having said that though, my type A personality means I’m a heathen when it comes to films, television and literature. I read quickly so I tend to skim and don’t appreciate beautiful prose; and I fast-forward ‘boring’ scenes in TV shows / movies. In fact, I enjoy foreign language films as I can watch them on fast-forward and just read subtitles! (I often play the subtitles on DVDs in English-speaking movies and shows for the same reason!!!)
  • I hate non-fiction. I’ve read the occasional self-help type book (though avoid them if possible) but there is no way in hell I will read an autobiography or biography or similar.
  • I have (over the last 10 or so years – on and off) been into housey magazines. I’m no expert but can pick a Barcelona Chair, or Noguchi table or Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Chair at a glance!

In other news:

  • Series 4 of Fringe has just started here and… I have to say… WTF?!I recall Season 3 ended strangely (with everyone forgetting the existence of one of the main characters); but I found myself watching the first episode of the new season wondering if I’d missed something. The show is prone to keep one guessing or challenge one’s reasoning, but I can usually keep up (cos, I’m not THAT stupid!). Hmmmm…. I must do some research to see what others are saying but can’t help but wonder if this is the beginning of the end.
  • I’m seriously in love with this blog (brought to my attention by Melly!): Suri’s Burn Book. It’s rare for me to like a mostly picture-based blog, but the few words endowed upon us by ‘Suri’ are certainly worth their weight in gold. H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. Absolutely. 
    Ages ago I wrote that it’s possible for me to fall in love with someone through their writing. Sadly faux Suri was recently outed as a 25yr old Washington woman, so the me-not-being-gay thing is a bit problematic.
  • Finally, preparations are almost complete for my attendance at my ever first blogging conference at the end of June. My ticket for the one-day Nuffnang Blogopolis has been booked for a couple of months; but I’ve now booked my accommodation at the conference venue and paid for my flights to Sydney. So, all I have yet to do is lose about 20kg and find some new clothes so I can look as funky and fabulous as I’d like… to blend in with all of my fellow bloggers.Oh, and I finally ticked off something on my much overdue ‘to-do’ list; as I bought my seven month old MacBook Air a (Kate Spade) case… so it won’t feel self-conscious amongst the other laptops, notebooks and iPads at the conference. (Oh, and so it won’t get broked as I throw it about my handbags and suitcases!)

If tagged, what random things would you share about yourself?


  • Mel
    June 1, 2012

    Your coming to Sydney! We should me up for a coffee!!!

    Thanks for the kind words, but it really wasnt hard to write since I love your blogs and enjoy your writing so much! 😉

    On other news, I am blogging, reading other blog posts AND watching Masterchef…all at the same time!!

    • Debbish
      June 1, 2012

      Hi Melly, I’m flying in on the Friday as the conference is on the Saturday and then flying out on the Sunday. I suspect there’s a conference party either Fri or Sat night, but I haven’t worked out what I’m doing Fri arvo yet. Will touch base with my details. I don’t really know Sydney (what’s where in terms of how handy the hotel is to stuff!!!).


  • Eating as a Path to Yoga
    June 2, 2012

    I hope you blog about the conference! So exciting!!

    • Debbish
      June 2, 2012

      Am sure I will. I went to a local workshop once and enjoyed writing about what I learned!!!


  • kelley @ magnetoboldtoo
    June 3, 2012

    I wish I was going to Blogopolis but finances say no.

    Bastard finances.

    I ADORE your Kate Spade case. The colour and design… *swoons*

    • Debbish
      June 3, 2012

      Hi Kelley and thanks for dropping by! How sad you can’t make it to Blogopolis. It will be my first of that sort of thing. I also hope to get to Problogger later in the year!

      I have to say I’m surprised how cheap (relatively speaking) the laptop case was – cheapest one on Apple site was about $45 and this was $55 I think. Plus free postage AND it arrived just over a day after I ordered it! Very satisfied customer!


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