You say potato, I say potato

Thursday, May 26, 2011 Permalink

I wrote a little while ago about my potato fetish. Yes, indeed it’s true. I am a lover of potatoes. Well, a lover of carbohydrates in general really, though if I am stuck on a desert island with one type of food to eat, I would want it to be potatoes. (Of course, I would also need a stove top and microwave, perhaps a potato masher or some sour cream and butter. Of course.)

Although it’s only day 4 of my new healthy lifestyle (aka diet), I am going strong. Despite the dip in my mood yesterday, my motivation has remained intact. I’ve easily stuck to my 1200 calories each day (although I am doing my own thing food-wise) and I have exercised each day (again – not quite according to the plan set out in the 12 week body transformation exercise program). I’ve forsaken alcohol and diet coke; and – almost inadvertently – I have also given up post-lunchtime carbohydrates.

I was pleased to see that the suggested meal plan on this program includes bread, cereal and noodles and didn’t expect participants to go carbohydrate-free.

I’m coeliac so cereal is a hard one for me, with my only option being starchy ‘corn’ flakes and the like. As a result I usually have an egg and toast. Or leftover chinese. Or caramello koalas and vanilla diet coke. But not when I am dieting. Obviously. I’ve been lunching on soup most days, though I supplemented it with a piece of toast one day and my thick (gluten-free) La Zuppa soups are quite tasty and filling (for 146 – 177 calories).

But so far, I have managed to go without carbohydrates in the evening. (I do realise I make it sound as if it has been years, not – ahem – 3 nights). I know the program doesn’t expect us to go carb-free at night… but I also know in the past that I have lost more weight when I do. Although I’m wondering if that’s because I’m saving on the 700 calories I consume in potatoes, or 2000 calories I consume in hot chips, rather than the lack of carbohydrates. Nevertheless, I have survived, thus far without my beloved carbohydrates at night.

Leeks buttered potatoesLast night I had some fish and would have liked some potatoes (chopped up, zapped in the microwave and grilled in the oven) faux chips-style.  Tonight I’m contemplating some nice eye fillet steak (medium-rare). And I’d like to have a couple of potatoes with it.  I’ve only had 500-600 calories so far today so have heaps of calories left.  But I’d had my mind set on no carbohydrates at night. So I’m at an impasse.

When I have gone carb-free in the past I often break out and go carb-crazy, eating nothing but carbs for weeks on end. I don’t feel that desperate to overindulge in some spuds (or rice etc) at this stage, but am conscious that I am already forsaking a lot and don’t want to feel too deprived and resentful. But then I wonder if that’s my warped mind coming up with justifications to eat things I’d planned not to eat. And then I ask myself… Well, you get the point. I just need to stop thinking.

I note in my earlier post (also about potatoes – don’t you just love that I focus on the big issues) I had stated that I was aiming to make these dietary changes sustainable, suggesting that I’d partake in some potatoes if possible. Perhaps I am making a big deal about nothing. Perhaps (so I don’t eat 7 or 8 and get out of control) I could just go and buy a couple of potatoes for dinner tonight. Perhaps that would be enough to satisfy me. Perhaps…


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