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It’s the weekend here in Oz and I don’t usually blog – as I SUPPOSEDLY post in my ‘other’ blog… And as it happens, I had – in fact – decided to have a technology-free day but finally decided (after about 8 months) that I should work out how to receive my Gmail emails in my Outlook account rather than solely use Webmail (if that makes sense!). Bizarrely I discovered (after several other attempts over the months) that it will do it automatically for me (D-oh!), although it did take me a while to disable my old account, save old emails and related crap. As a result I am exhausted and in need of a nana nap. Or chocolate. Or both.

It’s overcast and miserable here so perfect for an exercise rest day and my proposed plan of napping, reading, DVD-watching, and feasting upon a dinner of seared fillet steak, with faux-roasted potatoes (and other token veges) and peppercorn sauce… oh, and some red wine of course.

Any-who… after my quite-opinionated post yesterday I thought I’d leave you with this. (You may get the impression I love these Vimrod cartoons… which is probably cos I do. You can actually subscribe and receive one each day!) Have a nice weekend everyone!

I have decided to say something profound and insightful, but not today...

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