What happens on tour….

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So… this blog post is a little premature, but probably timely. Because, even though this diet program has 3-4 days left to run, we’ve had the last weigh-in, so it’s all over bar the fat lady. Or rather, not-so-fat ladies… cos it IS a weight loss program. (Sorry – didn’t mean to use the F word – though as I’m probably still in the obese category it is akin to me telling blonde jokes: I’m allowed because I’m in the same boat!)

What happens on tour stays on tour...Meanwhile, back to my original point. Many of my program colleagues are already turning their mind to the ‘off-season’. And that is understandable. Like footballers and other athletes it is likely that we may ease up a tad on our regimental training programs and indulge in things that we may not partake in during the season proper. And by that I don’t mean nudie runs or frivolous one-nighters. (Although… the latter does hold some allure….) BUT…. I do mean that it can feel a bit like no one is watching…. so we feel ‘free’ to overindulge a tad.

I first touched on this a week or two ago when I wrote about the dangers of ‘dropping my guard’ between rounds of the program. Even then I knew this period of time was a red flag for me as I am well-versed in the ‘on’ diet / ‘off’ diet type behaviour. Many a-time have I ‘dieted’ until reaching my almost-goal weight before easing my foot off of the accelerator (for whatever reason) and thereby re-inviting escaped kilograms to return to the fold.

This time I want it to be different.

The important thing to remember is that: I am a LONG way from my goal / ideal weight. My ‘after’ photographs from yesterday reveal that. I took them on my iPhone (of me reflected in the mirror) and squinted as I uploaded them so as not to have to look at them. But…there’s no denying it (I’m not being tough on myself when I say ‘ugh!’); it’s not a pretty sight.

Yesterday’s post may have sounded like I was being hard on myself. But frankly I think I need it. I need to remind myself that I’m still officially obese (for fuck’s sake!). I’m not exaggerating when I say that I still look horrible. In my mind (and others’ I assume) I still do not look like someone men would be physically attracted to. I can’t blame them for that. I can’t sit about and scoff at their superficiality; because I agree. I don’t like very fat men, so why should anyone like me? In that way.

So… you get my point. There’s a LONG way to go. And now… as this round of the program draws to a close, I’ll have a month or so off, before the next round starts. My promise, therefore, is to continue to lose weight during that time. Because I SHOULD be able to. I will NOT allow myself to ease up during the off-season and run amok.

What happens on tour will NOT stay on tour, as I shall be accountable. And not just to you, but also to me.

  • bellaxthree
    August 11, 2011

    Hey Deb! Great blog! Chucking in my two cents here…. for me there is no ‘off season’ or ‘on season’. Clean eating is not a diet. This is a lifestyle choice. A sustainable choice to eat mindfully and give my body high quality energy as well as to keep moving through exercise. I love how Mish says “NOTHING CHANGES” when a 12WBT round ends. That’s exactly it, nothing changes. Why after 12 weeks of hard work – 16 weeks if we count the pre-season time – undermine the new habits and routines and thought patterns that we have worked so hard to create and foster? That seems counter productive to me. I love your final words about sticking with the new habits you have created and being accountable. That’s exactly what Mish teaches, that is exactly what she would love to see you doing. There is no need for an AFL-style “Mad Monday” when a round of 12WBT ends…. LOL. Good on you for bringing this up and deciding not to have a Mad Monday 🙂 xxx

    • rockafellaskank
      August 12, 2011

      Thanks Ange. So far I’m feeling quite resolute about this being a ‘lifestyle’ thing rather than something I start and stop doing!

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