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Check In (IMG_2659)Blogging about self-love over the past 30 days has meant that I haven’t had a chance to do a bit of a check-in to see how I’m going. At the end of week 4, back in mid June I reflected on the goals I’d set for my first month on this 12 week body transformation challenge, and I revised my 3-m0nth goals. Weeks 8 and 9 have passed us by now and we have just kicked off our tenth week on the program. Given that I’ve been AWOL for, well… for 30 days, I thought it may be timely to see how I’m tracking against my 12 week goals.

 1.     Lose at least 10kgs 15kgs
As of today, I have already lost 16.1 kilograms. (Hal-le-friggin’-lujah) I didn’t lose a lot of centimetres (barely any really) when I did my measurements at the 8 week mark, so I’ve relieved to see some consistent results on the scales.

2. Be exercising regularly and get up stairs to train station without puffing (or dreading them)
I am exercising regularly. Not as hard as so many others, but I’ve stuck to my 6 days/week.  And… although my legs still feel like dead weights by the time I get to the top of the 45 stairs at the train station, I am no longer gasping for breath or counting them in reverse order in the hope time passes more quickly!

3. Put house on the market and decide where I want to live next
Done! My house has been on the market for almost three weeks. I haven’t yet found my future home, but I’ve been doing a lot of looking.

4. Manage / control overeating and binge eating and drinking
I haven’t binge-eaten at all since starting this program. In fact I haven’t touched any of my danger food (corn chips, chocolate etc), other than some hot chips when out for lunch with friends. Bizarrely, I’ve had no desire to binge-eat. I’m not totally on top of my alcohol, having imbibed twice each of the last three weeks. However, I have a partially consumed bottle of champagne in my fridge that I’ve ignored for a number of days now, so I must be improving!

5. Update both blogs regularly (I’m keeping this one updated but not my other one!)
I’m still not posting in my ‘primary’ blog on a regular basis and I will endeavour to do a post a week for these remaining three weeks.

A step towards a goalWow, I’m pretty thrilled with those results AND I have some weeks to spare! I must admit to secretly hoping I could drop 20kg while on this program but I don’t see that happening AND I am trying to do this in a sustainable and sensible fashion. Checking in now, I can see my weaknesses and where I need to improve so am confident I can finish off the remaining weeks of this Round of the program and then get ready to start afresh next Round.

Although… perhaps I should add a goal around ‘not binging or going crazy’ between Rounds of this program. I’ve read about many people who drop their guard after the Round officially finishes and put on a heaps of kilograms that they then need to work hard to lose next Round. I must remember that I have to start living the way I can and will live forever… like I’m not ‘on a diet’ which will have an end point. I must remember that this IS my life now.

  • nikkimaloo
    July 26, 2011

    Congrats, you have been coming along in leaps and bounds – so much progress! I’m really chuffed for you – can’t believe we only have two weigh ins left! I reckon you’ll be close to the 20kg lost mark by then without a doubt! xo

    • rockafellaskank
      July 27, 2011

      Hey thanks for that – and your encouragement (here and via Twitter!) I’m the same re number of weigh-ins. Where did the time go? I just ‘hope’ I can keep going and ACTUALLY get to my goal weight this time. (And stay there!)


  • Liz N
    July 27, 2011

    Congratulations on your achievements Deb – the self love one is huge and will help sustain you through the harder times.
    Liz N

    • rockafellaskank
      July 27, 2011

      Thanks Liz. I suspect it will take some time and a lot of reinforcement to remember the things I said I would / wouldn’t do over the 30 days…. but at least I’ve voiced them, so I hope that helps me continue on my way!


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