The luck of the Irish

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Hello.  My name is Schmiet. And I have an addiction (well, possibly I have several)… But in this case it’s all about the potato.  I love love lurve potatoes.


From Funadium on Flickr

I have written here before about the years I spent living in Mozambique and Cambodia where obtaining meat was a challenge; and so as a result I existed entirely on rice or potatoes with bizarre creamy sauces.  (And gained about 30kgs.)

The potato would be my all-time favourite food.  And it always has been.  I know that the poor old potato itself isn’t unhealthy and (obviously) I don’t ever actually slice them up and fry them myself (though I am not averse to eating hot chips (fries) that someone else has cooked).  No, my problem is that – rather than eat just a couple – I eat 6 or 7 decent-sized potatoes in a night.  In fact, if I had my way, my evening meal would always be a mountain of potatoes with a small chicken breast or piece of fillet steak and a few vegetables. Like I said, for me it is all about the potatoes… Perhaps I am Irish?

Roasted potatoes

Oh my god. Who needs sex? (From FotoosVanRobin on Flickr)

In winter I love mashed potatoes.  Served with thick fillet steak and red wine, it is my decadent winter meal.  And relatively healthy, if one doesn’t mash the potatoes with cream (or sour cream) and butter.  And eat a mound the size of one’s head.

Otherwise I tend to zap sliced or diced potatoes in the microwave and then put them in the oven or under the griller.  Healthy faux chips or roasted potatoes if you will.  (Tossing them in some oil, herbs and salt beforehand makes them even yummier but less healthy – of course.)

You get the point anyway. I could happily live on potatoes forever. And ever. But I shouldn’t.

In the past I’ve had some success at losing weight (quickly) when I cut out carbohydrates. But it kills me. And before long I am binging on nothing but carbs: rice, potatoes, popcorn, potatoes, pasta, potatoes, corn chips etc.

I know that eating less of them would be good for me as I often feel bloated and revolting after a potato binge. My aim (perhaps if I am embarking on the 12 week challenge, which I hope allows carbohydrates) is to continue to eat them, but limit my intake – so I don’t feel deprived. Perhaps I will savour them more (less is more – or something). Perhaps.


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