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I had today’s blog post all planned in my hot little head, but as I flicked back through old posts looking for a reference I came across this one. And thought… SHIT!

It appears that when I undertook the pre-season tasks for this round of my weight-loss program I’d decided that my first monthly goals would include the week or two before the program actually started. So, although I’m only three weeks into this round of the program, I’d set goals to be achieved by the end of September. (And then promptly forgot about that deadline!)

However, now that October has dawned, I realise it’s time to check-in on what I said I’d do:

By 30 September 2011:

  • I will weigh 107kg or less (losing at least 3kg)
    Despite some wayward behaviour and a 1-1.5kg gain a week or so ago, as of Saturday (1 October) I weighed 105.5kg, so I have continued to lose weight. So… um, yay!
  • I will recommence weighing my food and ensure I’m tracking everything
    I am tracking everything (even on the days I have gone over my calorie limit), but I’m not weighing my food. When I set this target I suspect I thought I’d be seriously on the ‘straight and narrow’. But, at the moment eating healthily seems more important than ensuring that my estimations of calories are exact, although I’m sure that time will come.
  • I will have had (at least) 3 weeks alcohol free (I have a wedding of a close friend in early Sept…. one has to be reasonable!)
    huge huge FAIL! I’m probably lucky to have had 3 alcohol-free days this past month. But, that stops now. I’m belatedly going to do the Octsober thing (god, it even pains me to think it as I have so little confidence in my ability to ‘go without’).
  • I will be doing 6 days of exercise /week – stepping it up from last round by including Zumba, aerobics etc
    Although I was a couple of weeks late starting (away on holidays where I walked almost every day) since returning I have indeed stepped up my exercise. Last week many of the classes at my small gym were cancelled, but I made other arrangements and tried boxing and circuit classes instead.
  • I will have made final decision about selling current place & buying new one
    nearly there. My place was officially ‘off’ the market at the end of September, having not sold, although there are SUPPOSEDLY two buyers who are still contemplating making an offer (having said that, I suspect this could just be my Real Estate Agent stringing me along!). I’m tempted to rent my place out and take out another mortgage on a new place and move anyway, though have always been risk averse and two mortgages (with one salary) seems a bit scary. But… I feel like I need a change, and this could be it.
  • I will have done something about transitioning my blog(s) to a more professional hosting mechanism
    Another big FAIL! However, I have set up a blogspot blog with the title of the domain name I’ve bought (leased?), so SLOW movements on this front but I feel like I’m starting the transition.
  • I will have written 2 more posts in my non-dieting blog.
    I have written a post or two, but I’ve also transferred some posts from this blog (the less personal ones which do not mention my weight, or other embarrassing foibles) onto the transitional blog.

So, I’m not jumping for joy or planning to shout my ‘achievements’ from the rooftops, but given that I’ve been catastrophising about how badly I’m doing, it’s interesting to see that I’ve achieved the weight goal I set for myself this month. There’s a lot of scope for improvement so I think I probably need to revisit my three monthly goals, or even set some targets for the next month to keep me focussed.

  • Julia
    October 3, 2011

    You are doing so well. You gave yourself SO MANY goals – to be getting ahead on the majority is a major plus.

  • m3lly78
    October 3, 2011

    you know, that’s not terrible! You’ve fully completed a few of the challenges and partially completed some of the others. The house thing is out of your control so dont beat yourself up or stress over it. Maybe go see your accountant about the 2nd mortgage???

    the best thing is that your back on track!!!!!

    go Deb go!

  • AffectionforFitness
    October 3, 2011

    Hi Schmiet! I think you did well on your goals. They were ambitious and you did meet your weight loss during the highs and lows of life.

    🙂 Marion

    • rockafellaskank
      October 4, 2011

      Thanks Marion. I stupidly weighed myself last night and was a bit heavier again, though am hoping it’s a morning/night thing. Argh! Must stop doing things like that.

      Thanks again for the encouragement!


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