Sweet dreams

Saturday, October 2, 2010 Permalink

I had a dream last night.  I only remember the end of it – although perhaps it was the middle.  Or perhaps it had no beginning, as theorised by Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception….

What I remember about the dream was arriving at some sort of sporting training camp.  Although I don’t know what sport.  I do remember that I arrived with a group and we were late, but through no fault of our own.  As a result, the others at the training camp had started doing whatever it was they were doing.

I have a vague recollection of being shown to a bedroom and catching a glimpse of people training.  For something.  Also in my dream there was a sense that I was to be the star attraction, as if returning to whatever-it-was after some time.

What I do remember though, was a sudden realisation that I hadn’t been doing any training.  I wasn’t fit.  I took the coach aside to remind him that I was a bit out of ‘condition’.  Not as fit as I had been.  Perhaps not as good as I had been.

That’s all I remember.  I have no visual sense of what I looked like or when the scenario was taking place.  After that I woke up; or had another dream; or lapsed into nothingness.

But the dream has come to me a few times this morning.  I have a vague notion that the coach in the dream is, or was, someone I know.  Perhaps from my life now.  And I wonder if the place in the dream was some combination of the fat camp I went to last year (ie. as an adult) and the place I went to for a State-level basketball camp as a kid.  To say that I am not very fit at the moment is an understatement.  I am probably the least fit that I have ever been.

I am not a rabid believer of the ‘dreams-must-mean-something’ school, but I believe that our subconscious plays about in areas that our conscious minds do not.

I have three recurring dreams.  In one, my teeth fall out.  Bizarrely, this is a common dream.  In another, I have trouble putting my contact lens’ in.  Often I am about to to play netball or basketball and I pick up a lens and it is HUGE.  I wonder how on earth it will fit in my eye.  As yet I have no idea what this means and why I keep dreaming the same scenario.

The final dream involves me rushing to catch public transport.  Usually a bus, as that is how I travel to and from work each day.  In my dream the bus stop has been moved, or something intervenes and I literally miss the bus.  As I am getting older and feel my life is passing (has passed) me by, I don’t think the ‘missing the bus/boat’ symbolism needs much analysis.

So, as I carry around this latest pesky dream for a day or two and the sense of me having ‘let myself go’ and having to make excuses for my fitness nibbles away at me…  I will ponder on the fact that our waking world makes its way into our dreams, which in turn seem to make their way back into our waking world.  One big neverending loop.


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