Chasing shadows

Friday, July 30, 2010 Permalink

The beach was the venue for my daily (holiday) walk today.  I was out and about fairly bright and early to beat the incoming tide; the sun was shining and it was glorious.

As I walked along I could see my shadow in the sand – staying slightly in front of me the whole time so I could never quite catch it up.

I liked the shadow.  It reflected a me I wish I could be.  My arms looked lean protruding from my baggy t-shirt and my track-suited legs looked strong.  You could see the slight curve of my thigh and buttock but there were no unsightly bumps and bulges. 

The body on the ground before me was tight and strong.  So… perhaps it wasn’t the skinniest body on the beach or mirrored on the sand, but it made me feel good.  Fit and healthy.

If only that feeling would last.  It disappeared along with the shadow and my day.  If only I could have remembered it when I went shopping and bought two bags of corn chips.  If only it had remained while I ate one packet of cornchips dipped in sourcream.  If only I could call on some strength so that the night is lost to (dinner) steak and mashed potato and too-much red wine, rather than a second packet of cornchips on TOP of the steak, mashed potato and red wine.  If only……

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