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Like many bloggers (not to mention the mainstream media etc) I receive a lot of media releases and information from PR companies, organisations and individuals.

I don’t receive payment to promote these products / initiatives and generally it’s a bit of a stretch to fit it into a post.

However, I feel bad that these media releases (or interesting tidbits) fester in my inbox, so decided from time to time that I would share them. Who knows, there may be something that interests you!


New book for active wear shmogul*, Lorna Jane Clarkson

Lorna Jane Clarkson, the woman behind Australia’s leading active wear label, will release her second book entitled MORE of the Fit Woman’s Secrets this July 2013.

Focusing on Lorna’s Active Living philosophy,  MORE of the Fit Woman’s Secrets is an extension of her first book Move, Nourish, Believe, which received phenomenal acclaim in 2011, selling over 27,000 copies through her own stores. Through her second book, Lorna will continue to champion her lifestyle and position herself as integral to our national health discussion.

Lorna believes Active Living is more than just a lifestyle – it lies at the heart of today and tomorrow’s zeitgeist – and she is proudly leading the charge. The attached media release contains further information about Lorna’s second book, including in-store availability and pricing.

* new word for female mogul. And… you’re welcome!

Schmiet perspective – I feel compelled to hate LJC cos she’s pretty, has a good body and she’s rich. Plus I don’t fit into her clothes… But, I am guessing she knows her stuff. (And I don’t really hate her. Not really.)

CrossFitting in Bali

Australia’s leading provider of CrossFit, Firebrand Fitness, will team with the world’s most unique holiday destination, Sharing Bali, to offer a one-of-a kind winter retreat in June, September and November 2013. The six-day Camp Firebrand adventure will see participants swap gym equipment for jungle equipment such as coconut weights and sand bags. Yoga, bike rides, jungle treks and a volcano climb are also part of the agenda.

Participants of all fitness levels and stages are encouraged to attend this retreat, set in an idyllic, inspiring location.

Schmiet perspective – I cannot think of anything worse than bootcamping in Bali, well other than bootcamping anywhere. Given my current all-but-absent exercise regime six days wouldn’t make much of a dent in my lack-of-fitness. But… it sounds great for those needing a new challenge; not to mention CrossFit freaks (of which I know there are many!)

The Jungle Book Body
The Jungle Body, Australia’s fastest growing new fitness company, has now launched in London and Dubai, with plans to launch in Finland, Malaysia and Vietnam this year. Created by 22-year-old Perth fitness entrepreneur Tara Simich, The Jungle Body specialises in female-friendly fitness and offers four dance-based classes to sculpt the entire body.

Classes offer hybrid exercise, the latest workout trend that mashes training and dance techniques such as dancehall, hip hop, pop, rock, disco and latin. With a 75% growth in instructors in 2012, The Jungle Body has not only delivered results, it is also redefining the group fitness industry in Australia.

Schmiet perspective – I must admit I’ve never heard of The Jungle Body, but I’m hardly at the cutting edge of the fitness industry. I’m still a fan of straight Body Jam or the like, but I had a look at the YouTube clips and it IS an interesting mish mash of styles. I wonder if it will come to a gym near me?!

Dove, Unilever and THAT ad

Dove and its parent company Unilever have received some mixed press this week for their latest ‘real beauty’ campaign.

People, including yours truly initially appreciated the tenor of the clip and its message, despite concerns about some of Unilever’s traditional campaigns (think Lynx). However, since its initial mostly-warm welcome, many have criticised the clip and the fact it played it safe in terms of the ethnicity and types of women chosen to participate (etc).

Schmiet perspective – I’m still okay with the message at its most basic and am not reading any more into it. We are our own harshest critic. I try to avoid being in photographs completely; and when I am (off-putting body aside) I hate my nose, my freckled and blemished skin, quadruple necks, thin upper lip etc. I DO realize others may not see the same ‘me’ that I do. I suspect there are few people who actually see themselves as more attractive than they actually are (and from my experience they’re mostly men and users of internet dating sites! ;-))