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Day one has ended with me feeling quite chuffed that I kept under my 1250 calorie allowance for the day.  Of course the 1190 calories I consumed weren’t exactly all quality calories.  But… one must take one’s wins where one can get them.  Mustn’t one?

I started the day with my usual breakfast.  I am aiming to walk on the wild side later this week and mix it up a bit.  Instead of my 281 calorie usual brekkie (bacon and egg on toasted sandwich – slice of 97% fat-free bacon and egg zapped in microwave with slightly runny yolk in lieu of butter) I may have baked beans.  And an egg.  Or bacon.  One can’t go too crazy.  God, I’ll be eating fruit if I’m not careful.  Okay, no I won’t be.  But you get the point.

Although I am well aware of the importance of snacking; I didn’t.  I scoffed vanilla diet coke until lunchtime when I indulged in a bowl of bought microwavable soup, then I held off until I arrived home from work for dinner.  Because I am trying to cut down on alcohol as part of the dieting – obviously – I am trying to go alcohol-free for as long as possible.  So, where usually I would open a champagne, diet champagne or red wine and wander about aimlessly for several hours before starting to cook dinner at 8.30pm, I bathed, cooked and was actually eating by 8.30pm tonight.

Dinner was where my day fell down.  The stir fry beef (with veges, soy sauce etc) was no problem.  Sadly it was the cup upon cup of rice that I ate with it that caused me some angst.  About 750 calories of my total for the day were therefore consumed via jasmine rice this evening.  Hmmm… Perhaps tomorrow I can aim for a more balanced calorie intake.  Oh, and some exercise, cos even though it’s way after midnight I have pilates (before work) at 6.30am.

PS.  I got on the scales and haven’t budged from a week or two ago (not too scary given I have been eating crap for two weeks).  I have been eating a lot of fish.  Perhaps that’s helped.  Of course the home-made chips I have with the fish probably aren’t necessarily a good thing.  I zap the chopped potatoes in the microwave and grill them, so that’s not too bad.  It’s the fact that I eat about 6 potatoes worth of chips that’s the problem!!!!

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