Reflection, recognition and recommitment

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A couple of weeks before this weight loss program began, we were given a range of pre-season tasks. Some were easy (identifying the excuses we use to not exercise or diet) and some were harder (getting on the scales and taking our measurements).

Goal SettingAnother of the tasks was a bit challenging for me. Although I am expert list-maker and goal-setter, in recent times I haven’t been too good on the follow-through. As a result, setting my short and longer-term goals (as required) was a breeze, but ‘making a commitment’ for the 12 weeks was far more difficult.

But I’ve surprised myself. I honestly believe I am sticking to the commitment I made and – at the moment – I am motivated to continue in the same vein.

Tomorrow (Saturday) it is one month since I first got on the scales (post my OMFG-moment) and Monday will mark one month since the program started. (Sunday night therefore marking my last binge on 1kg of hot chips!) In honour of that occasion, I thought I’d take the opportunity to reflect on the one month goals I included in that commitment and goal setting post.

My one month goals (by the end of June 2011, set in mid May)

  • Start program. Seriously and from Day 1 – I believe I have done this and have stuck to my calorie limits (on all but one day)
  • Lose 5kg or more – I’ve lost 7.9kg – so far
  • No alcohol – My only failure, as I (over) indulged last Saturday night (aka: the infamous winegate affair)
  • Reduce amount of food at night – I have significantly reduced the amount of food I eat at night. It still needs some improvement (often I have low calorie lunches and 400-500 calories at night)
  • Start exercising -I have exercised 6 times a week as required (except for post-winegate Sunday)
  • Start preparing to sell house – I’ve started visiting Open Houses and met with a mortgage broker AND Real Estate Agent (in relation to my apartment)

Chicken Hatching, Chicken Crumble

In retrospect, I think by saying I’d do those things by the end of June, rather than the 4 week mark I was cutting myself some slack – but I didn’t need it. As it happens I’ve got a week or so to spare! At the time of my goal-setting and commitment post, I didn’t add in the longer term goals as I wasn’t wanting to look THAT far ahead (counting my chickens and all that….)

But it’s probably timely to include my 3-month (ie. end of the challenge) goals here now. And… because I’m feeling so cockily confident, I’m changing a couple:

  • Lose at least 10kgs 15kgs
  • Be exercising regularly and get up stairs to train station without puffing (or dreading them)
  • Put house on the market and decide where I want to live next
  • Manage / control overeating and binge eating and drinking
  • Update both blogs regularly (I’m keeping this one updated but not my other one!)

Looking at the 3-month goals (even with the changes) now, I’m feeling pretty confident (again, not wanting to count those chickens….). But, I’m hoping I can smugly report back at the end of the program, comparing my actual performance against this list and coming out on top! (Before embarking on the next goals, of course!)


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