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I’m pretty sure I have used this title for one of my posts previously.  It kinda sums up the way I am going…. not great but okay. 

I mostly kept to my 1250 calorie intake last week and weighed myself on Day 6 and had lost 1.3kgs (down from 127.4 to 126.1).  My post-weigh-in binge wasn’t as extreme, although I did easily hit 2000 calories on Saturday and Sunday.   But, the ‘treats’ weren’t shovelled down my throat as they were when going through Weight Watchers’ weigh-ins.  And the food felt less like binge-eating (ie. I only ate corn chips on Saturday and not corn chips AND rice cakes or chocolate and on Sunday I had Chinese food rather than continuing on the corn chip and rice cake fancy!)  I think Weight Watchers’  emphasis on the scales and the actual weigh-in blows the event itself out of proportion for me.  The weigh-in became all important.  Despite what I told myself, even if I’d had a good week, IF those scales didn’t reflect it I was devastated.

As last week’s weigh-in involved me hopping on the scales in my bathroom (testing twice to ensure there was some validity to the reading), there was less fanfare and less dread. Almost an anti-climax.

In fact, my weigh-in was prefaced by a walk.  Yes, shock horror, I went on my first walk in about 6 weeks.  It wasn’t a long one and it wasn’t a hard one.  I didn’t walk for hours or trudge up and down hills.  Instead I drove to a nearby park and wandered around the park’s walking track twice while listening to my iPod.  My shins started to hurt on the first lap, but I did some stretching and made it around a second time.  Unfortunately I didn’t back the mammoth effort up by walking on Sunday as well, but I will celebrate the small wins.

After going over calories over the weekend I was back on track yesterday. 

It is hard not to feel despondent over the time this is taking and I am still way off what I was before I went on holidays (when at that time frustrated by how long it was taking for the kilograms to disappear).

I walked again after work yesterday (Monday), having arrived home in daylight for a change and deciding that the dusk was so beautiful it warranted some outdoor appreciation.  I wandered about for about 30 minutes and have to admit to being proud of my effort.  I was less-proud of the bottle of red wine I consumed later, taking me very slightly over my calorie limit. 

Although I didn’t binge after weighing-in in the same way I did while on Weight Watchers I do need to better control my excited weekend eating.  I tend to start each week 0.5 – 1kg (+) more than my weekend weigh-in which means I have to play catch up the next week.  Hopefully my wayward weekend eating behaviour will continue to improve now that there is less emphasis on the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of the weigh-in.  Although, like everything, I guess it is all in my hands.

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