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Yesterday afternoon (after I posted on this blog) I got frustrated with my brother over some stuff (mainly what I perceive to be a lack of consideration regarding others) and so bought some red wine to have with dinner.  Despite it being the night before weigh-in.  Me being me, I consumed the lot – though over a long period of time.  I might have gone slightly over points.  The brother-related-chore involved me running around town to deliver something to him so my mother cooked dinner and I wasn’t quite sure what went into her potato or how much I was served…. So perhaps a point or two over my daily allowance of 24 points.

Anyway… I approached my weigh-in today with some trepidation, although I did get on the scales (AGAIN) and knew there would be SOME weight loss.  And there was.  In fact I lost 2.1kgs over this past week.  Yippee!  I know before I have posted about the fact that I believe that my weight loss and gain is out of control, like there is some sort of divine intervention…. but on occasions like this (ie. weight loss), it takes away from my achievement by saying that and I am supposedly being kinder to myself, so I will happily take all of the credit for last week’s loss.

So, for this week – more of the same.  Basically alcohol-free (after I indulged post weigh-in).  And sticking to points.  Not exactly brain science!

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