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The day started badly with me missing a pilates class I had enrolled in – though through no fault of my own.  Before the Christmas break started I pre-enrolled in two pilates classes (today – 29 December and 31 December) at the very sensible time of 9.15-10am.  I received the confirmation emails and marked them in my calendar.  So, today – first day of new diet – I rocked up at the pilates studio, only to find the 8 reformer beds all taken.  

The instructor told me that I HAD been enrolled in the 8.15 class, not the 9.15 class…. so shamefaced I headed home, having failed at my first attempt at post-birthday healthiness.  Once home though I checked my emails and sure enough I WAS booked into the 9.15am class, so I shot off a disgruntled email which will probably just make me sound like a whinging bitch but should ensure I get reimbursed for the class.

The rest of the day has gone okay.  Scrambled eggs for breakfast but only some chicken for lunch.  I am now ravenous as dinner approaches.  I have some fish that I grilled a couple of days ago for dinner (sans the chips which accompanied it first time around).  I may, however, have to succumb to some diet champagne to get me through the night…. which I know is pure sugar and empty calories.  Of course now that I am not supposed to be eating (many) carbohydrates, they are all I want (which I know is why low/no carb diets are bad).  As per usual my devious mind has been manoeuvring its way around this dilemma and has tried to convince me that: I really should wait until the New Year to start dieting; or that SOME carbohydrates are really okay after all; and the low-carb option is irrational.

From memory the first few days are the hardest as I try to get out of the habit of huge piling my dinner plate with potatoes or rice, or indulge in evening treats of chocolate or chips.  Of course, I have been particularly bad of late using Christmas and my birthday as a justification for decadent eating.

I need to remain focussed though, on how lean I felt just a week or two ago once I had reduced my carbs and was doing pilates a couple of times a week.  I cannot focus on the fact that I have 40+kgs to get to my ideal weight; or 30+kgs to get to my goal weight… instead I need to use the AA mantra of taking one day at a time.  Surely even I can do that.

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