One bite at a time

Friday, May 20, 2011 Permalink

I have, I must admit, basically done no exercise at all for the past couple of months. The once/twice weekly walks I went on with a friend, and the once/twice weekly pilates lessons have fallen by the wayside. I am (almost certainly) the least fit I have ever been. Even when my cardiovascular exercise dropped off over the past 5 or so years, I’ve previously kept up my pilates. But recently I’ve done nothing. Less than nothing – if that’s at all possible.

But things are changing. And I guess I want them to. Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge starts on Monday. (Argh!) It’s an online program so up to we participants how faithfully we follow her instructions, but I guess it’s all a bit pointless if you start off by thinking you might not give it your best shot. We are supposed to do 6 days of exercise. (Shit!) That would be, umm… let me think… 6 days more exercise than I am doing now.

Recent pre-commencement tasks have required us to do some planning: in terms of our diet; exercise; and some goal setting. I know first hand, that if you aren’t prepared you will flail. And perhaps fail.

So, with two days left before the program starts I am trying to get ready. I have my shopping list. And… most importantly I finally organised my exercise bike. It arrives this morning. I’m hoping it doesn’t just gather dust and become a de-facto clothes hanger. I guess only I can prevent that happening. But I can’t get ahead of myself and start worrying that I won’t be sufficiently motivated. Although I have to plan ahead, I have to take each day at a time and concentrate on what’s doable. The same way you eat an elephant. Or something.


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