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Day 4 back on Weight Watchers.  I caved and bought a new popcorn maker on the way home last night.  To stay under points (and still have a large bowl of popcorn with butter) I had scrambled eggs for dinner.  Mind you, eggs are surprisingly high in points!  So, I have been hovering between 22 & 24 WW points each day, which is basically no lower than the Weight Watchers consultant told me to go.  Today was the first day I did any exercise however… with my 1hr one-on-one pilates lesson.

I have had a low-points day with only soup for lunch and no snacks (as well as breakfast of course).  It is about 6.30pm now and – alas – I bought some wine on the way home.  Well, I bought a bottle of diet champagne AND some red wine.  I have a nice – but small – piece of fillet steak out for dinner and I will zap some potatoes in the microwave (and then put them under the griller – faux chips!) plus some other veges, so figured I could have red wine with that. 

But, the biggest challenge will be NOT getting on the scales and (thereby) getting disappointed at the lack of progress weight-wise.  Already I am contemplating how I will feel, or what I will do if I have gained too much weight this week (following on from my 3+kg gain last week causing me to skip my weigh-in).  Of course the ideal would be not gaining at all (thereby evening out last week’s gain and this week’s loss).  Whatever….. (insert teenage eye-roll here!)

In reality, I should be happy that I have been sticking to points and have had 4 or 5 alcohol free days.   In the end only I know if I have been honest and tried my hardest and I am really only answerable to myself.  So, I should be satisfied with my attempt this week – whatever the scales say. (Insert smiley face here!)

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