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A week or so ago I received a copy of the Oz version of SHAPE magazine. I knew of it, of course, but had assumed it to be a bit too ‘hard core’ for me – more designed for the fit and healthy… the fitness elite, if you like.

That myth was certainly debunked when my copy arrived and I sat (okay, lay!) down to read it. I was surprised at the array of topics covered… far broader than fitness and physical health.

I earmarked a heap of articles: The 7 spiritual tenets of happiness certainly hit home and is very timely given the extent of my recent ‘living versus existing’ navel-gazing. I made a note to buy a ‘good’ resistance band/tube (one with handles) in some vague attempt to Sizzle this summer (the exercises in the series very doable – even by me!) and the idea of a 15 minute Quick Cardio workout is very appealing. Less so, I must confess, was the Triathlon Training Plan… as the words ‘not in this lifetime’ came to mind.

What I loved about the magazine were the snippets throughout, offering toning exercises to yoga moves.

And this particular article caught my eye!


I’ve just moved into a complex with a pool. “I can do that!” I thought!

And I did!

Well, sort of. Ideally one goes to a proper swimming pool to swim laps, but not this not-so-little (now mostly faux) blonde duck. Never one to let instructions get in the way of a good time, my ‘laps’ became ‘loops’ of our fortune cookie-shaped pool. Oh and the lack of a kickboard didn’t stop me either.

The workout plan was simple: a few laps; the vertical kick booty bonus exercise; a few more laps; more booty bonus-ing and so forth.

The instructions (ahem) ‘suggested’ freestyle in addition to the kickboarding…. and so now I’m thinking about it I really followed the ‘principle’ of the workout plan rather than the actual plan per se. As swimming freestyle would have caused me to constantly bump into corners, I switched the freestyle and kickboarding with breaststroke and dog-paddling. I figured the whole thing was mostly about keeping my legs moving and toning my butt (working the big muscle groups with some harder cardio vertical kicks thrown in for good interval-training measure)!

I’m pretty sure I was a sigh to behold! Thankfully no one else came near the pool during my 30 minute ‘workout’ as I hadn’t had a chance to do any (ahem) body maintenance. Quite frankly it’s a couple of years since I donned a pair of bathers, so I was surprised that I still owned  a pair!

Given my current lack of fitness (and core strength) the vertical kick drill (the booty bonus) was WAY harder than I expected. I was less able to hold my arms vertically, than in a curved Y shape… like a ballet dancer in fifth position (if my SIL is reading this – I had to google that!).

In retrospect I probably could have worked harder. I wasn’t puffing and panting at the end of it, although… I can feel my glute muscles today so they got a nice little workout.

The booty bonus exercise reminded me of ‘deep-water running’ which I did at a health retreat (at the Gold Coast) years ago. Basically we wore flotation vests and had to follow a series of moves. Everything was SO much harder than it looked and the classes were exhausting. I remember at the time (back in 2001 or so), I thought that deep-water running was going to become a big thing – offering a no-impact cardio workout. Alas… I haven’t heard of it since.

I do note however that quite a few water-based exercise classes are available here in my new hometown, including Aqua Zumba. Hmmm…..

Either way, now that I’ve re-popped my pool-going cherry I may well saunter down to my own pool from time to time (when no one else is there!) and do a few laps loops.

Are you a swimmer? 
Have you tried aqua aerobics or Zumba or water-related fad?

I was provided with a free copy of SHAPE magazine with no expectation of a review. There has been no compensation or other incentive offered to write about the magazine. All opinions expressed in this space are mine, written with the objective of giving readers my personal opinion of the magazine and its contents.


  • Min
    November 14, 2012

    How great is it that you have access to a pool for workouts! I have a pool here at home but the water is still freezing! Maybe next month I’ll be able to bare getting in it and do some laps and acqua aerobic type stuff. I love the pool – so if I can use it for exercise I will be very happy. I’ve done some half hearted attempts previous years. I had never heard of ‘Shape Magazine’ – thanks for bringing it to my attention. I could do with some acqua fitness pointers!

    • Debbish
      November 14, 2012

      I’m very averse to the sun Min – in summer I hate being hot and sweaty and plus I don’t really want anyone to see me in bathers, so I usually stay away from beaches and pools. But… having a pool close at hand is… (well) handy!!!

  • Char
    November 14, 2012

    Swimming should be a no-brainer for exercise in the Australian summer. And yet I still run. But I have a strong reason to do so – I can’t get in the pool with my glasses on but without them I’m almost blind. Plus I have to deal with pool hair. Sweaty running hair just seems easier for some reason. But I’m glad you’ve fond something you can do that’s so convenient.

    • Debbish
      November 14, 2012

      I wear glasses / contacts Char so am a bit the same re my eyes. I can’t swim actual laps cos I’d need to open my eyes and would either be blind (no glasses) or get water in my eyes with contacts in – which I think would be problematic. I’ve never learned to wear goggles. Hence the dog paddle and breaststroke!

  • Jo Tracey
    November 15, 2012

    I’ve always been a black line swimmer- these last couple of years have done less than I wanted though. As for aqua robics etc? No…I like my lap swimming with a side serve of meditative black lining.

    • Debbish
      November 17, 2012

      Swimming is such great exercise, and no jolting / impact on the joints which is good. I’ve never been a big swimmer – have breathing issues when doing freestyle (well, in general – can’t take long breaths in/out!!!) but I’ve done breaststroke as an exercise option when I’ve had access to a pool!

  • Lizzy
    November 16, 2012

    Its been forever since I have found the chance to read your blog – but funnily enough I read this one and I am a big fan of swimming! My doctor is in fact making it one of my only options which given the season is fine my me! Good luck swimming your loops, I’ll keep swimming my laps, and together we will both feel better for it – I’m sure of it! Lizzy x

    • Debbish
      November 17, 2012

      I’m not a huge swimming fan Lizzy, but I like that it’s an option (albeit in my fortune cookie-shaped pool!!!). Even just getting into my swimmers / bathers / togs felt strange but for some reason a bit healthy. I’m not planning to sunbake or hit the pool in the hottest part of the day, but being subjected to SOME sunlight is probably a good thing!

      Thanks for visiting!!!

  • Alejandra
    February 6, 2013

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    to me. Regardless, I’m definitely delighted I discovered it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking
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