I have a dream

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Actually, I have a plan, not a dream.  Well, I do have a dream and – unsurprisingly – it involves being slim.  Or at least not-fat.  It also involves being happy.  And maybe in a relationship (or at least getting some regular sex!)

But, back to my plan. As I have cheerfully admitted, I am having difficulty exercising. To think that  5- 6 years ago (when not-fat, but definitely not-thin) I was going to 3 – 4 aerobics classes a week and felt guilty when it wasn’t more. Even as I started to (re) gain weight and I quit the gym I was walking a few times a week and doing pilates. But slowly (as the weight came back on) I quit the walking. Then came the ‘shake-up-that-was-fat camp’ and – though I still hated running – I started doing Body Jam (dance-type) classes and heaps of hills during my walks.  AND I took lunch breaks for a while and did a short walk each day. Then I injured my hip which required me to stop dance classes, and for a while I couldn’t walk.  And it hasn’t ever improved.

Now I am hampered by an aching hip (though it shouldn’t stop me walking) and shin splints.  The latter possibly caused by the excess weight, or something related to my other injuries.  I don’t know.  It means I am doing SFA (sweet fuck-all, for those not in the know). I was doing some pilates but a new job has made it more difficult (actually in all honestly I’m just not enjoying it at the moment).  I was walking once a week (very occasionally twice) with a couple of friends but lately they’ve been busy and I don’t go on my own – out of laziness and fear of shin splints.  I have talked previously (and endlessly in previous posts) about how debilitating the shin splints can be, but I can’t help but wonder if there is some psychological aspect to it (given that I don’t get them when I walk with my friends).  I got myself a jogging trampoline when I first did Weight Watchers last year, but it currently lives in my garage, along with my fit ball and weights.  All holidaying there together.  I should get the trampoline out and perhaps I will.  Perhaps.  But it isn’t part of my plan.

No, my plan involves hiring an exercise bike. I know it isn’t weight-bearing so not as good, but surely it is better than nothing. Also, I can do it in front of television.  And, it could be efficient.  I have read on many occasions about a study which involves interval training on an exercise bike (8seconds of intense work, then 12 seconds of normal effort).  It is (apparently) more effective than riding for longer periods.

I must admit I am not a lover of cycling or stationary bikes (they hurt my butt – in SO many ways!) and I have illusions that I will suddenly grow to love cycling and get on the bike every day, which is why I will hire the bike.  I did some research and found a bike (which will take my weight!) and apparently has a soft seat (ha!).  Of course there’s always an excuse and I have deferred hiring the bike as I am moving across town to look after my brother’s pets for 2 weeks from this weekend.  But after I return I intend to hire the bike.  In fact I may even book it beforehand, so I don’t chicken out or continued to be overcome with apathy.

My hope is that – after a month or two on the bike – 3-4 times a week, I may drop some weight (by dieting or the dreaded surgery to which I have previously referred with some disdain!) and be a bit fitter (and more motivated because of that) and will again be more comfortable walking.

Well, that’s the plan anyway.  And it’s all part of the dream. I guess.


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