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After a couple of weeks of barely being able to sit/stand or bend over without wheezing I took my chances today and embarked on a walk.

I’d had to psyche myself up… not to actually go – bizarrely I was kinda keen to get out and about – rather to make it just a walk and NOTHING MORE.

If I’d focused on it being ‘exercise’ I would have gotten all anal about walking quickly and the amount of time I walked etc. No… today’s effort was solely about getting out of the house and into the open air.

Screen shot 2014-06-17 at 9.08.44 AM

I seriously haven’t walked any distance since I struggled to cross a street a week or two ago. My bronchitis is now mostly gone. I’m still coughing and struggle with my breath on occasions… but I figured it was time to test the lungs and give them a light workout.

However, given my (ahem) somewhat competitive nature I have to confess to being ridiculously weird about being overtaken when I walk. (Yes, I MUST be the best at absolutely everything!) Once upon a time this was never a problem, though in recent years being lapped by decrepit elderly folk is more common.

Fortunately today I didn’t have to grapple with that head-f*ck as the streets were fairly deserted at 6am and other walkers were all going in the opposite direction.

So, I managed to ‘wander’ without getting angsty about speed or fitness. In fact I’d planned a short loop (which generally would take 20mins) taking about 30mins at my slow pace, but once I was out there I extended it a bit and kept going.

The only time I sped up was when Nicki Minaj’s Pound the Alarm came on my iPhone and I couldn’t help but walk in time to the music. (Yet another foible of mine… I HATE not being ‘in time’ to music!)

Although I was grumpy that I am continuing to wake ridiculously early (I was out on pre-5.30am walks before my recent sickness as well!) I was reminded how enjoyable being out and about (giving minimal attention to fitness, calories and the like) can be. The serenity of my surroundings was the perfect foil for Flo Rida to be blaring in my ears.

I had a flashback to when I lived in East Timor (in 1999 – 2001) and used to go walking as soon as the sun had risen. Sadly I was reliant on a walkman*, but I’d prep it each day so that as I walked out of our diplomatic compound (where I lived) towards the esplanade Sting’s Desert Rose would start. The perfect song for my surrounds.

Oh… in even more-surprising news… Once I arrived back at my mother’s after my walk I actually pulled an apple out of her fridge to eat for breakfast.

Yes… OMFG. It’s only taken me 10 months but I’ve just eaten my first piece of fruit for 2012!

Do you walk?
Is it for pleasure? Or is it all about exercise?ย 

* walkman = mini cassette players for anyone under 30 years of age!ย And if you don’t know what a cassette is… well… Google it!

  • Char
    October 26, 2012

    I walk – occasionally. And it’s not for my benefit. It’s for Toby’s. But if I can I palm the job off to my better half because I’m a much better cook than him and I’ve usually had my fair share of exercise for the day. I never fail to feel better when I’ve gone for a walk – more centred and calm. And, funnily, I never fail to feel better when Iven’s been for a walk. Endorphins by close approximation? Or just having him out of my hair?

    • Debbish
      October 26, 2012

      As a runner Char, I guess walking isn’t something you need to do for fitness. I used to worry that walking didn’t count as exercise once upon a time. How times have changed!!!


  • Marion
    October 26, 2012

    Hi Deb! Well, fruit surprises today! Apples have been a special part of my diet for a long time, mainly because I don’t feel hungry for a long time after eating one. Also, they keep artery linings in good shape. So yay for you!

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Marion

    • Debbish
      October 27, 2012

      Marion, apples are one of the only fruits (the only fruit?!) I’ve ever eaten. I tend not to ‘choose’ to eat them, but will make more of an effort. I also had one first thing and then waited quite a while before having breakfast, which gave me time to do some blog writing etc…


  • Satu
    October 26, 2012

    I walk all the time and every day. It’s my main form of locomotion except for the metro train I also use. Sometimes I walk for fitness’s sake but not often. Have you ever tried Nordic walking (with poles)?

    I also eat apples practically every day. I like Royal Galas and they are a part of my standard breakfast.

    • Debbish
      October 27, 2012

      I haven’t tried Nordic walking Satu… though it may look a bit strange at the beach! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      And apples… what a healthy habit. I hope I can adopt that one!


  • Miz
    October 29, 2012

    Im a stroller.
    an ambler.
    always for pleasure.

    • Debbish
      October 30, 2012

      A wonderful approach Miz. I need me some of that!

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