Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee

Saturday, June 4, 2011 Permalink

I don’t usually post on weekends, but thought I’d make an exception in case my gazillion readers are wondering if I projectile-vomitted or cried at boxing.

You will be pleased to know I did neither.  Of course, I was hardly the star performer, but I did go. What was the Woody Allen quote Michelle used in the Week 2 message: ‘80% of success is just turning up…’ Well, I certainly did that.


Ummm, again this is not me.

I did, however, dream that I didn’t. I had a very vivid dream last night that I went to a gym (huh?) for a little while before the boxing class. Michelle Bridges (doyen of this weight loss program) happened to be there. I recall telling her that I was on her program and had lost 5.2kg in 10 days. Very chuffed with myself I was. I can’t recall her response but do remember realising that it was, in fact, mid morning and I’d missed boxing.  Someone tracked me down and I tried to explain to someone that I’d fully intended going to boxing and I had just been waylaid. Or something. It felt very real and I felt very guilty.

Then – of course – I woke up and realised I hadn’t missed the class after all. It was 6.15am and almost light. Perfect time for the birds and those insane enough to be doing early Saturday morning exercise.

floating elephant (grey)

I had known that 28 of us had RSVPed for the lesson and there seemed to be a mix of newbies and regulars. Mark the trainer was excellent and quite sympathetic to the plight of we fitness-challenged (well, I was probably the only one in that category). Even though I was promised no running, the first thing Mark had us do to warm up was jog a couple of laps up and down. I almost left then, but decided to stay. And I had (after all) spent 15 minutes digging through my drawers to find a sturdy sports spa (which last saw the light of day a year or two ago). It almost fit and that was good enough.

I jogged when I could. And I kicked and punched. My lovely partner was encouraging and I tried not to hold her back in any way. Mark let me short cut some of the running and I skipped the jump squats but I did everything else. I used to do boxing circuits and a boxing class years ago so still recall my upper cuts, jabs, hooks and the like. My upper body is fairly coordinated, it’s just my fitness that’s stuffed.

After a bit of the running I thought I may need to sit down, but fortunately we switched to partner work again and I survived the session without having to sit anything out. And, all in all I quite enjoyed it (as far as one can enjoy an hour of torture at 7.30am on a Saturday). I suspect I floated a bit more like an elephant than a butterfly and there wasn’t a lot of sting in my punches, but like Woody Allen said, I turned up, so hopefully I’m well on my way.

  • Annalisa
    June 4, 2011

    Great job! It sounds like a lot (sweaty) fun! Wi
    Will have to search out a class in Melb. Keep up the fab work!! Ax

    • rockafellaskank
      June 4, 2011

      Thanks Annalisa

      It certainly injected some enthusiasm into my exercise program. There is another boot camp at the same place tomorrow (nearby) but I’m not quite sure I’m ready for that (running about carrying sandbags etc). But I might try to work my way up to it. Today made me realise I need to build some variety into my program. Someone mentioned a nearby Zumba class. I have a few injuries so think it’s high energy but low impact apparently. I MIGHT pluck up the courage to try that soon, cos I’m sure I could work at my own pace.


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