Fizzy black goodness

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 Permalink

Okay, can I just start by saying, “I WANT SOME DIET COKE!”

OMFG. There I was smugly prancing about as if I could easily wean myself off the 1 – 1.5 litres of Vanilla Diet Coke that I have been consuming daily for a large number of years (before that Lemon Diet Coke and before that, just the basic Diet Coke), but I have come crashing down to earth.

Fortunately work is busy and I haven’t had time to focus on the constant headache and sleepiness I am feeling without my usual injection of VDC (as its known amongst us addicts!). After giving up the fizzy black goodness on Sunday I posted my intention on Facebook and got a barrage of emails from old work colleagues in response, as my addiction to the stuff is famous. Or infamous.

It started a long time ago. While at University in the late 1980s my parents used to visit me in the residential halls, bringing a red cross parcel. There would be diet coke, chocolates and homemade biscuits. I recall at one stage, a medical student on my floor deciding that the fizzy black goodness was (in fact) evil and set about rationing my supplies. I think we didn’t even last the day before I become obsessed with ‘my next fix’ and she handed over the carton of cans so I could refocus on my study rather than stalking about outside her dorm room.

I’m not sure that giving up VDC now, at a time when I am giving up alcohol, exciting food (defined as the crap I usually like to eat: chips, chocolate, hot chips etc), and starting to exercise is the right move. But I figured that if I’m going to be cranky and feel deprived. I might as well feel really bloody cranky and really deprived.

I’m not saying I will give it up forever or that I won’t drink other diet drinks. (Indeed, last night I savoured a diet lemon, lime and bitters while lolling in the bath reading a trashy magazine.) And I may (on occasions) partake in a diet coke or two, but I figured I might as well try to give my litre plus habit a day the big heave-ho.

The time seems right. I feel motivated. Which is strange. Better to rip that bandaid off quickly rather than edge it off slowly I guess. So, as day two (of a healthier me) progresses I can feel quite righteous because – not only did I go to pilates before work (for the first time in 2 months); and am sticking to my calorie allowance; but I am also kicking my unhealthy addiction to the scary preservatives and chemicals that taste so good in the form of a fizzy black drink.


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