Excuses, excuses

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Unsurprisingly it took me a while to get to the pre-season tasks assigned to us as part of Michelle Bridges’ 12 week Body Transformation Challenge. By the time I clicked on the link to task 1, the more motivated amongst us were already onto task 3.

Words to live by

If only... Words to live by from Erik Charlton

The first task just involved introducing ourselves to other participants via online Forums. What surprised the hell out of me was the number of those who had signed up. There were pages and pages (and pages and pages) of introductory messages. It was – in fact – a bit overwhelming. I had been enjoying the idea of making new virtual (and motivational) buddies, but the vast numbers made the idea of ‘a connection’ a bit more challenging.  I must admit I was thinking that there would perhaps be a group of 20 or 30 and we would all get some sense of each other and share our ups and downs along the way. As it is, I feel quite anonymous… which I thought I would like, but it makes me feel a bit less accountable. Already.

Task 2 required us to take responsibility for our bodies and the way we think. We had to identify excuses we use – internal and external, including those which (we believe) we have no control over. 

My Excuses (E) and their Solutions/Responses ®R)

Internal Excuses

E. Food is the only exciting thing in my life. If I can’t eat what I want, why bother at all?

R. Find things that give me joy, remind myself of the things I love and what I have to be grateful for. (Or something)

E. I’m too tired to exercise at the end of the working day.

R. Exercise before work. Start work later, finish work later.

E. I get bored at night and find the nights too long if I don’t eat/drink something interesting.

R. Play on computer or read instead of watching TV (breaking the nexus between mindless eating & television) – and perception of it being ‘exciting’. Go out or do something.

E. I just want to switch off and vege at night and need ‘comfort’.

R. Seek comfort (nurturing) from things other than food.

E. I love carbohydrates so much I like / need lots, often.

R. Choose low GI carbs, or eat them earlier in the day.

E. I feel self conscious when I exercise.

R. Exercise at home, walk with friends and do pilates until I lose some weight and am fitter. 

E. I have so much weight to lose it will take forever. AND I may not keep it off.

R. Focus on small goals and small wins.

E. Today (now) isn’t a good time to start dieting. I should wait for Monday (or next week, or after holidays etc).

R. Remind myself my thinking is too black/white and that it is a delaying tactic. I might gain more weight if I wait longer. I am delaying the inevitable.

External Excuses Within My Control

E. I get shin splints when I walk.

R. Use exercise bike or other form of exercise until I drop some weight.

Amazingly, almost all of my ‘excuses’ are internal ones and the one external one is within my control (sort of). For me, it’s all about my mindset. I’m the queen of excuses. I can talk myself into – or out of – almost anything. By the time my over-analytical mind finishes with something I can’t recall what my original motivation was because I’ve questioned every single thought that popped into my head.  I’ve talked about this before in this blog. My mind can be so warped when it comes to body-related matters, I really don’t know what I think (or believe) any more….



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