Energising Easter – the middle bits

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It’s now Easter Sunday here in Oz, and day 3 of Weight Wars’ Energising Easter challenge and again I got a good start to the day with an early morning walk. I had a sleepover at my brother’s, having spent the night with my bro, SIL and niece – partaken in a yummy roast dinner and lots of wines. Fortunately my head wasn’t too foggy, I’d packed my exercise gear and I was out and about at 7am trudging up and down the hilly streets nearby.

However, I’m still learning a bit about my exercising behaviour and it seems that in addition to my preference for organised group classes, when exercising solo earlier is better.

After my excellent start to the challenge on Good Friday, I didn’t fare quite as well yesterday. I hadn’t slept well Friday night so stayed in bed later than planned on Saturday morning and by the time I motivated myself to get out of the house it was hot, and I was feeling somewhat underwhelmed.

Nevertheless, not one to flake out on a challenge, after my whinging tweet I went downstairs, iPhone in hand to don my shoes and start walking. But in my garage I was reminded of something: another exercise option… other than braving the hot afternoon sun. It’s been tucked away and unused since 2010 sometime, when I was a regular user (because of shin splints and the like) but on my thoughts recently as a couple of US bloggers (MizFit and fit BOTTOMED girls) have written about a new version which folds away.

Yes… it’s time to bring back the 1980s and 1990s; and the jogging trampoline (or rebounder). Excited by my (re)discovery, I lugged mine upstairs dumping it in the middle of my study; opened iTunes on my iMac and started bouncing away. Over 25 minutes passed quickly as I attempted to bounce in time to the music, requiring some bizarre pony type moves and weird stutter-y jogging. Nonetheless, I was hot and sweaty just before the 30 minute mark (when I had to alight the trampoline to head to the loo!). I finished off with some squats and lunges and VOILA! Day 2 of the challenge was done.

Of course, it did occur to me that I should put the jogging trampoline somewhere more sensible and my third bedroom is the perfect place. However… at the moment the room still looks like a clothes-bomb hit (and it’s been like that for over 6 months – possibly more). As summer neared last year I got down some of my boxes of clothes hoping that I’d fit into some which I hadn’t for a long time (I did, though not all), and I planned to repack them with my winter clothes and return them to the top of my walk-in wardrobe where they’d be out of sight (and mind) for several months.

Alas… I’m not actually sure what happened. Cool weather prevailed for a while, so I think I kept the boxes ‘open’ until the weather settled, plus some of the summer clothes required ironing (not my strong point), so remained on the floor throughout that season instead. And… now here we are – in Autumn here in Oz. Cooler weather is upon us and I need to rethink my box packing.

Essentially I’ve just kept the door to the third bedroom closed for 6+mths so I haven’t been bothered by the mess, but it does play on my mind. I’m a bit ‘anal’ about the rest of my apartment – in terms of messiness and lack of clutter – so I suspect I’m never able to completely forget the hovel that is my third bedroom.

But on my ‘To-Do’ list this weekend is the REPACKING OF THE BOXES and PUTTING THEM AWAY. Being able to leave the door of that room open would actually be quite pleasant I think, and being able to see the floor in there even more so.

SO… today – NO MATTER WHAT, I am to tidy that room. It will mean making some ‘hard calls’. I will finally admit to admit that I haven’t lost any more weight over the past 9 months and the clothes I’d hoped would fit, don’t… and can be packed away in the hope they still will. Someday. That’s possibly one of the main reasons I’ve procrastinated about it. I can’t keep justifying the open boxes ‘in case’ I suddenly fit into some of these things. In August / September last year it was like Christmas when I finally tried on some clothes that fit me. Tres exciting.

I’m hoping that feeling will return. I just have to admit to myself that now is not the time.


  • KCLAnderson (Karen)
    April 9, 2012

    *I* have one of those mini-tramps tucked away too! Hmmmm…and I used to dance to music as a way to exercise. What a great combo…

    In other news, I have a couple of clothes bombs and a spare room that need clearing…hmmmm…sounds like we’re living parallel lives in a way!

    • Debbish
      April 9, 2012

      Parallel lives in different parts of the world. Fortunately I now have an ‘after’ picture of that room so will post that today!

  • Rebecca
    April 9, 2012

    You’ve done amazing ! You’ve earned your medal for sure 🙂

    • Debbish
      April 10, 2012

      Yay, thank you. Am going to exercise again today – maybe the trampoline again, as I’m off work for the rest of the week and I’m of to Melbourne for a short holiday tomorrow!

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