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I wanted to (also) call this post ‘what a difference a day makes’ because after being so smug and self-congratulatory on Monday evening, I came crashing down to earth yesterday with a resounding thud! 

Because I was up late watching the Emmy Awards on Monday night, I over-indulged a little in alcohol.  I have been quite good lately (while on hols), having some wines, but with no real interest in drinking too much.  Generally I have been sitting on a few red wines or champagnes and haven’t been in the mood for more.  I don’t know what happened Monday night, but I went off to the bath to finish reading a book and came downstairs a couple of times to top up my glass…

As a result, Tuesday dawned and I didn’t!  I stayed in bed for almost all of the morning with a dull headache and feeling very tired.  It set the tone for the day.  When I eventually emerged from the cocoon of my doona I felt compelled to go and buy corn chips and grazed on those all afternoon.  I suffered from a general malaise and felt miserable all day.   The corn chips offered no comfort at all and I almost wished I had succumbed to chocolate as well.

By evening I decided I needed real food and ate a fairly healthy dinner, but couldn’t shake the guilt and frustration of having wasted some precious holiday time and lost some of the momentum from the day before. 

So, Wednesday is now upon us (here in Oz) and I am restarting my diet YET AGAIN, with my post-holiday weigh-in only 3 sleeps away.  I cringe to think of the damage I have done…

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